The Montreal Mirabel Airport: When a piece of the project plan is missing

12 October 2015
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What was announced in 1969 to be the project of the 21st Century by then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, ended up being known as Canada’s biggest white elephant. It was a project that faced many obstacles from the start. Starting with the Liberal government of Trudeau choosing the location of the airport, 55km from northwest downtown Montreal, against the wishes of Quebec. The province had their eyes set on a site south of the St. Lawrence River. In turn, they refused to complete road and transit systems to the airport. This is arguably the fall of what may have made the […]

Famous Projects Gone Wrong: The Olympic Stadium

8 October 2014
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Its nicknames range from The Big O to the White Elephant, to The Big Owe, but apparently that one no longer applies because in 2006 Quebecers finally paid off the $1.5-billion debt from the 1976 Summer Games. Some locals and Ex-pats  refer to it as “ugly”, “unsafe”, “a modern disaster” or  simply a “waste,” while others wax nostalgic about 1994, Tim Wallach and the Expos. It boasts the highest inclined tower in the world and is recognized as a popular Montreal sightseeing monument for tourists around the world. Too bad it’s so inconveniently located in the eastern Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of […]