Essential Templates for Project Managers

16 January 2018
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When a project manager is focused on the completion of specific objectives and goals in the effort of bringing together a project, they need to plan, organize, and manage resources to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Projects only stand a chance of being successfully completed when specific and measurable goals are set, and the manager keeps track of the effort and resources put forth by team members.

So where do you start when it comes to monitoring project output and deadlines? You could start from scratch and create a custom set of fields and formulas, but if time is of the essence then using a template might be the easiest way to get your project off the ground.
Templates are a preset format for a document or file that can be used to keep you from recreating the same file every time. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, there’s a chance that there may already be a template do what you’re trying to do.

Here are some handy templates you can use instead of recreating the effort every time

This document is used for setting out which roles are responsible for which specific tasks for the project. This template was created by Elizabeth Harrin, who notes that she “also includes the names of the people holding the roles – not every Roles and Responsibilities template does this, but I think it’s valuable to know what each individual is supposed to be doing on the project. Otherwise it’s just an arbitrary list that reads like a job advert.”

Elizabeth notes that users could add:

– Authority and sign off levels
– Budget associated with that role
– Staff members reporting to that role
– Qualifications required to do the role
– Core skills and competencies required to do the role

Download the Assigned Roles & Responsibilities Template

Part of the Genius Project suite of features includes the ability to add a 100% configurable project dashboards. The project dashboards can contain only the views or graphics you want, or a combination of both. Once defined, these dashboards can be made available to all users simply by adding them to the navigation. Genius Project’s project report software features comes with a collection of project reporting tools, such as predefined dashboards. You can also create and store your own drill down project and portfolio tracking dashboards.

Genius Project Charts allows users to easily create or customize project charts, including drill down capabilities. Many different types of charts are available such as trend line, scatter, bubble chart, pie, and more.

Learn More About Project Charts and Dashboards

Action Logs are a project manager’s dream when there’s a lot of to-do’s that need to be checked off. An Action Log acts as a to-do list on steroids and allows you to see who is responsible for a task, along with the latest updates, at a glance.

This template comes courtesy of Elizabeth Harrin, who explains how to best use the app. “I like to record tasks that other people are responsible for as well. As a project manager, I’m responsible for checking in with others and making sure that they are doing the work that needs to be done. In fact, making tasks transparent is one of the ways to get other people to take responsibility for their work. Writing it down and sharing the list before each meeting makes it difficult for others to say that they didn’t know they had taken away an action from the previous meeting.”

Download the Action Log Template

One of the many features of Genius Project is project budget tracking templates that puts all of the elements necessary for project cost tracking and project budget management front and center. Understand how much a project has cost you so far and how much of your budget you have left to go with reporting, project cost analysis, management, and an overview of the discrepancies. All together, these fields will provide you with a clear and accurate picture of project budget status.

Genius Project allows you to calculate and adapt your project budget tracking, regardless of whether your budget is based on annual costs, quarterly costs, or on one or multiple cost centers. After assessing your project costs and defining your purchases and expenses, Genius Project’s budget management template allows you to establish a preliminary estimate of fees and project costs. By adjusting resource costs and personnel used, you are able to carry out contingency calculations and project cost analysis.

Learn More About Project Cost & Budget Management

Gantt Charts are a commodity that every project management solution needs to provide. Genius Project offers its own Java based Gantt charting tool as well as tight integration with Microsoft Project.

Genius Planner is a comprehensive online software providing complete templates for scheduling, task management and project planning functions in the form of a Gantt chart. Genius Planner is a Gantt chart creator and a popular alternative to Microsoft Gantt charts created in Microsoft Project or Excel. This template allows you to visually plan and modify your projects, assign and link your tasks, determine a timeline and estimate costs while managing resources.

Learn More About Project Planning & Gantt Charts

If you’re interested in learning more about the features and templates that come with Genius Project, don’t hesitate to try it for yourself with out 15 Day Free Trial.

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