Why Albeda Sharepoint Shows Why Project Management is Needed in the Modern Education Curriculum

14 February 2018
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What’s the earliest that students should understand how productivity tools should help them with time and project management? According to Albeda, a a regional training institute for secondary vocational education in the Netherlands, it starts as early as possible. By creating a custom portal for staff and students to login, Albeda and Sharepoint have managed to teach students early about the power of planning.

Similarly, GeniusProject continually works with educational facilities to ensure that everyone at the school stays on the same page. Research teams are often the seed idea that ends up flourishing into a zeitgeist-altering discoveries for the world. Any large scale implementation that can lead to a social good starts off as a study, typically conducted in a university by graduate students eager to test the fabric of what’s possible. Big ideas like this need to be documented properly, and if there are a number of people working to bring these ideas to fruition it’s important to track and manage workflows.

That’s where software like GeniusProject comes in clutch. Undocumented ideas may as well be smoke in the wind, if you want to track the progress of your ideas and your work then you need to document it in a system that lets you take action on these ideas. Project management software for education institutions can provide you with a customizable work flow that can facilitate a seamless integration into the working practices of many types of organizations. Work flows can be set up to provide step-by-step guidance on projects and can be used to measure a projects current stage, plus you can include as little or as much detail as you want.

GeniusProject can be used to manage internal projects, tasks, and timelines. In addition to research departments teaching staff can use it to plan courses, schedule campus maintenance, and tun their educational institute their way. GeniusProject allows you to manage all of your projects from one centralized location, and all of your projects will be easily within reach which prevents you from ever feeling overwhelmed. GeniusProject can make sure you stay on your time limit by assigning start and due dates, allocating time to projects and tasks, and then tracking the effort spent working on them.

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