Top 10 Project Management Predictions for 2014

23 December 2013
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With the closing of 2013, we have noticed the increase in project-centric organizations focus in their efforts to improve their leadership, teams, processes and technology to improve their project management practices.

In light of this reality, please find below our top 10 predictions that will surely shakeup the project management world in 2014:

1. Increased focus on collaboration – As the access of information anywhere becomes the standard, organizations in 2014 will seek better collaboration tools to deliver competitive results their markets and  customers demand.

2. Mobile access to projects – The increase usage of mobile and Smartphone technology will highly impact project  stakeholders daily activities and project information will need to be more readily available on mobile platforms to effectively keep customers and those in the field in the loop.

3. Growth in Agile teams – Agile project development will be going even more mainstream capturing the attention of vertical industries outside of the application development world.

4. Customer expectations will increase – With the increased popularity of social media, mobile and Agile, customer demands will increase and expect more transparency and quicker responses from the project teams that serve them.

5. Formal project management will move down market – As project management tools are increasingly more affordable to the SMB market, smaller organizations will be adopting more formal approaches to their projects.

6.  Increased demand for customizable solutions – With maturity of project-centric organizations, these organizations will be demanding less generic solutions and a heavier focus on solutions that can adapt to their unique business processes will come to the forefront.

7. Optimization of the project workforce – With more mature project-centric organizations in 2014 comes a more competitive landscape that will demand a better use one’s project workforce to sustain profitability.

8. Cloud is here to stay – The “Cloud” war is over.  Recently Oracle announced it has embraced this model after many years of rejecting the cloud.  This being the case, Cloud technology in some form or fashion will remain an important piece and/or option in an organization’s project management technology strategy.

9.  Projects will become more “Social” – As businesses continue to embrace social media, the project management world will also ride this wave in incorporating more social media tools and strategies in their practice.

10. Improved project visibility for Executives – With better project management technology, in 2014 project information will increasingly bubble up to the top providing executives with better understanding of the projects that impact their businesses.

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