8 Qualities of an Inspirational Leader

18 October 2016

It takes a special kind of person to lead a team of people who are all striving towards one objective. Some believe great leaders are born – we believe everyone has the ability to harness the qualities that make the most effective and the most inspirational leaders. Here’s a list of 8 qualities that make for a great leader: Integrity When a leader brings authenticity and transparency to their interactions, their teams trust them with greater confidence, and often, reflect back the same honesty in their communications. This has an incredibly positive impact on the company’s culture and brand image. […]

4 Best Practices for Stakeholder Management to Remember

3 October 2016
Stakeholder management

When managing a project, the root cause of its success or failure is often misunderstood. Yes, project managers are the drivers of project success, but more often than not, the outcome is determined by its stakeholders. So it’s important that project managers and their teams employ the best means to optimize stakeholder communication. The challenge is in the ability to incorporate an effective stakeholder management methodology and tool set in their existing project and portfolio management initiatives. Although the intentions may be there, the framework to support stakeholder management typically falls short. Most organizations would agree that many project management […]

The New Version of Genius Project is Here!

27 July 2016

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of Genius Project. Based on feedback from our 115,000 users, our R&D team improved the software and added new features. This version will help you improve the efficiency and productivity of project teams within your organization. Here are some features from Genius Project 8.0.1! Stronger Project Portfolio Management Portfolio management and multi-project Gantt charts are definitely strengths of Genius Project. For example, in multi-project Gantt charts, it can sometimes be easier to search by position type. The structure of your organization can now be used to search within the portfolio. […]

The Trouble With Alignment – Guest post by Elizabeth Harrin

20 July 2016
The trouble with alignment

It seems like everyone is talking about ‘strategic alignment’ these days. The project management world is full of conversations about how projects need to be aligned to strategy. If you manage a project portfolio it’s probably one of the things you spend a lot of time thinking and talking about too. But there is a teeny tiny flaw with the discussions around alignment. The trouble is that you can align anything with pretty much anything. What Alignment Looks Like When we talk about ‘alignment’ to strategy, what we normally mean is that we’ve got a list of strategic objectives, set […]

How to Get Your Teams to Adopt a New Tool

18 July 2016
Adopt a new tool

You’ve just completed the journey of selecting the ideal project management software. It promises to streamline your processes, increase collaboration – and ultimately, improve your business. You’re gung-ho to see the fruits of your labour and show off this amazing tool that will surely make you, the new company favourite. But not so fast. This new solution won’t magically work on its own; it actually requires people to use it – and use it well. Which means, it’s time to get your team onboard. The adoption of the new system is dependent on several factors, including its ease of use. […]

Why Project Managers Need To Be Creative – Guest blog by Elizabeth Harrin

23 June 2016

Creativity. We don’t need much of that over here in the world of project management, do we? Unless you are a digital PM or working in a creative industry. For the vast majority of project managers, we have the processes, tools, techniques and software available to do the job without having to spend too much time on “creative thinking”. Actually, I don’t believe that. I might have, 10 years ago, but even then I have always been a creative type. I’m the project manager who made her own tri-fold project information leaflets to try to explain business benefits to stakeholders, […]

5 Resources for Free Project Management Templates

13 June 2016
Project management templates

Why reinvent the wheel if it already exists and works perfectly well? That’s our take on project management templates. They provide a kick off point and an excellent framework, that you can use time and time again for reports; which can be tweaked according to project needs and business requirements. With Genius Project, users are equipped with industry templates which support PMI, Prince 2 and Phase Review methodologies, among others. There’s also the option to design your own templates. Project templates include but are not limited to: Project Charter Project Proposal Project Management Plan Risk Tracking Timesheet Gantt Charts Timeline […]

Mindful Project Management

24 May 2016

What is mindfulness? Well, one thing we know for sure is that it’s a pretty hot topic these days. A simple definition of mindfulness is being present and aware of what’s happening internally and externally in our surrounding environments, right now, in this very moment. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.” So the question begs, how can mindfulness relate to – and better yet improve – project management? Here are a few side effects of mindfulness and ways […]

6 Ways to Make Meetings Effective

6 May 2016
Make Meetings Effective

Love them or hate them, meetings are an important part of collaboration and delivering projects to completion. They’re essential for bringing people up to speed, solving problems and assembling teams around a project’s purpose. The catch is, they’re usually drawn out way too long, with little direction and too many people in attendance – and ultimately result in a lot of wasted time and no clearer of a direction. But the good news is, there are some clear steps to be taken to run effective and efficient meetings that teams will not only enjoy – but actually benefit from. Here […]

How Data Changes Everything – Guest post by Elizabeth Harrin

15 April 2016
Data and Project Management

A while back I was working on a project that had technically implemented well and was nearing completion. The output was not being tracked, and that was not a concern, or part of the business case. I was receiving reports with some data in them. No one wanted to know about them, so I filed them away and didn’t pay much attention to them myself either. Then one day, the project sponsor and I were talking and he asked a question that I couldn’t answer. But I knew that those tracking reports held the output data that he was after. […]