How to Manage a Complex Multi-Vendor Project Successfully

18 April 2017

It is quite common in projects that some of the selected vendors are unable to keep up with the expectations that were committed during the tendering process. This can be partly due to unavoidable cultural, processes and language differences between the vendors. During the project tenure, there will be an increase in cost, delay in schedule, and poor quality of deliverables. The vendors failed to understand the actual requirements set by the customer and on top of that, the complexity of the project due to multi-vendor and dependency concept. The impact of these differences in terms of understanding and perception […]

The 3 Key Benefits of Project Budgeting

30 March 2017
Benefits to project budgeting

While there’s rarely any debate about whether or not a project should have a budget, the benefits beyond knowing how much money is available for a project may not be as obvious. And while it may take some initial time and planning to create a holistic and realistic project budget, it definitely comes with some key benefits. Including the following: 1. A Financial Roadmap The budget is a pivotal piece to the project plan. It outlines the financial resources available, which further determines the human resources that are required. Sometimes, this can also be done the other way around. The […]

The Power of Demand in Project Management

4 March 2017

The other day I read an article on how Charlie Sheen set a new Guinness World record by reaching 1 million followers in the shortest amount of time.  With the power of technology, Sheen opened a Twitter account and hit the “1 million” milestone in 25 hours and 17 minutes.  My first thought was – it is amazing the incredible appetite people have to be connected to latest news covering their topic(s) of interest.  Although the Sheen example is an extreme scenario, it does provide insight into the cyclical nature of humanity and the dynamic between people’s wants and needs […]

Project Management Software Essentials

1 March 2017

Anyone who’s ever been part of a project team knows just how hard it can be to keep all the records straight and everyone on the same page. From assigning tasks, scheduling meetings, and analyzing reports to following up on tasks and giving feedback, it’s hard work to keep a project on track. This is where project management software comes in. With so many options (more like hundreds of options), choosing the right software is critical to project success and work efficiency. While there are many factors to consider like budget, integration with other software, and deployment options, we’ve put […]

Monitoring project costs. A penny saved is a penny earned. Or is it?

15 February 2017

I recently read an article where it described the U.S. Mint’s challenge in producing pennies and nickels at a cost more than their actual value.  In 2011 it cost the US Mint 2.4 Cents to produce a penny and 11.2 cents for every nickel produced.  I guess the old adage “A penny saved is a penny earned” does not apply to the US Mint.  Ironically, every penny has put the Mint 1.4 pennies in the hole.

Top 10 Signs You’re Not Ready for Project Collaboration Software at Work

23 January 2017
Top 10 Signs

When colleagues refer to commenting on a wall, you think of Pink Floyd.  You use slang on the project team chat.  You get an email notification for each and every workflow.  Your colleagues advise you to publish all your emails from 2016 in a binder.  You come to a Stand-up meeting with your running shoes on.  You assign tasks to colleagues with post-its on their desk.  You assign tasks to your intern for preparing coffee at the next meeting.  You use the chat in a document to ask colleagues to go for lunch.  You think of Project Management software as […]

Project Management Trends You’ll See in 2017 – Guest post by Elizabeth Harrin

21 December 2016

What’s new in project management? Well, many of the tools we use have been around for years, so you won’t see me declaring that critical path analysis is the in thing. However, there are some trends that are more subtle, but definitely worth keeping an eye on in the coming 12 months. These are things that have the potential to revolutionize how you work, if you can tap into them and make them work for you. Here are my hot predictions for the world of project management in the year to come. 1. Data Our project management tools are replete […]

10 Project Management Terms and Their Meanings

24 November 2016

If you’re a professional working in a project-based environment, it’s worth getting familiar with some of the most popular and important project management terms. Whether you’re the one running point on a project or you’re a project team member, it’s critical to understand the terminology that’s used throughout a project lifecycle. And speaking of critical, number one on our list is: 1. Critical Path This is the sequence of activities that must be completed on specified dates in order for the entire project to be on schedule. They are critical activities and milestones, and the accumulation of these activities and […]

The Three Gorges Dam: Expert Opinions Matter

15 November 2016

The Three Gorges Dam is considered by some to be a wonder of the world. While that’s up for much debate, what it is for sure, is the largest hydroelectric dam of the world. It spans the third longest river, the Yangtze River, in the Hubei province of China. Known as China’s most ambitious project since the Great Wall, the TGD has had its fair share of financial, environmental and human-rights issues. The lesson in this story is clear: expert opinions matter. And with projects that are this substantial in nature, the input of subject matter experts need to be […]

How to Manage Projects Remotely

1 November 2016

More and more companies are engaging freelance and external contractors, and more projects are being managed remotely. This accomplishes a few things. It allows companies to work with the best talent, no matter where in the world they may be, and it increases productivity – while some people are sleeping on one side of the world – the others are awake and working on the other. But it’s not all rosy. Managing projects remotely definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. Here are some tips for increasing project success with remote teams. Know Who You’re Working With: Projects are […]