What is Project Management?

16 August 2017

Project Management deals with set principles and procedures for managing a project from start to finish; this includes planning, organizing and completing a project according to certain specifications. These specifications include a particular start and end that is meant to produce a desired outcome within a budget. The outcome for example, could be a computer system. A project plan provides an outline that highlights potential challenges ahead and guides the way to tackle such problems by keeping work on track. In today’s world, top business leaders recognize the value of project management and hire individuals to carry the requirements of […]

Top Benefits of Project Management Software Solutions

1 August 2017

To succeed in intensely competitive industries, organizations need to make the best use of technology and B2B software solutions. Project managers need to understand the many benefits of project management software systems to be able to utilize them effectively. The popularity of this type of software can be gauged from the fact that the global web-based project management software market is expected to rake in sales of $1.52 billion from 2016 to 2020. But what is project management software, really? In general, these solutions allow project managers to assign and track tasks, keep members updated, and efficiently coordinate with them. […]

Part 1of 3: SaaS vs. On-Premise: How to choose your web application?

1 August 2017

On-demand or on-premise? Advantages and disadvantages: The service offers of on-demand, SaaS, and cloud are steadily rising. A study conducted by Markess International, has shown that collaborative solutions and business communications are widely adopted as software as a service (SaaS), as opposed to on premise project management software. Companies use applications to share online calendars, organize remote conferences, manage contacts, sort documents or provide enterprise messaging. However, even though this model is widely used on a global level, it still remains in competition with on-premise solutions, and assessing the advantages and disadvantages of this deployment model is essential when choosing […]

The Model T Ford Project: A “Model” for Product and Process Innovation

20 July 2017

Up until the early 20th century the world viewed the automobile as a luxury item built for the elite of society.  Cars were complicated in their use and required a significant investment that the average person could not afford.  Then in 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T Ford that did not only revolutionize the world’s perspective on personal transportation for the masses but also re-invented the manufacturing process still applied over 100 years later.  Although we have seen improvements to his original process, with the development of lean manufacturing, JIT, Six Sigma, Kanban, and others, the core philosophy of […]

The Benefits of a Gantt Chart

20 July 2017

It’s no surprise that Gantt charts offer a multitude of benefits – they are often seen as a project manager’s best friend. Here are some of the (many) advantages of using a Gantt chart. 1.  Project Planning We’ll start with the most obvious benefit – project planning! Gantt charts help you determine how long a project will take, who will be working on the project and the order in which tasks need to be completed. These charts offer a holistic view of your project plan, from idea to delivery. 2. Track Your Project Progress Gantt charts are one of the […]

Free Beginner’s Guide to Project Collaboration

29 June 2017

What’s better than useful content? Free useful content, of course. At Genius Project we’re committed to providing our readers learning materials that can help guide them from the very start to the more advanced stages of their project management careers. In an effort to do so, we’ve just launched our second guide, Beginner’s Guide to Project Collaboration. Offering a brief history on collaborative work, this guide walks readers through the advantages and disadvantages of project collaboration and collaborative methodologies & techniques. We then offer a breakdown of the different types of collaboration tools, such as calendar sharing, file sharing, instant […]

Top 10 Project Management Mistakes

26 June 2017
Project Management Mistakes

Through the years of working with project managers across different industries, we’ve identified these top 10 project management mistakes that can be quite easily addressed and fixed – and doing so will increase your project success rate significantly! 1. Projects that Aren’t Aligned with Strategic Objectives One of the biggest mistakes right off the bat is choosing to work on a project that isn’t aligned with the company’s overall goals. If the project doesn’t support development, processes, or short/long term initiatives then using time, money and human resources can’t be justified. When department leads or project managers make these calls […]

Part 5: PM Software is from Mars…or is it Venus? What is Project Portfolio Management

8 June 2017

Part 5: PM Software is from Mars…or is it Venus? What is Project Portfolio Management Continuing on in this multi-part series, with parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 complete, we now arrive to the discussion of Project Portfolio Management software. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a top down approach to strategizing projects. Our last blog covered Enterprise Project Management (EPM), which focuses on the daily management of multiple projects from the bottom up. Conversely, Project Portfolio Management is the evaluation of projects from a top down view, with considerations such as, which projects will be prioritized, de-prioritized, which to start […]

Managing Bottlenecks. Good Project Management is a lot like avoiding traffic

12 May 2017

Living in one of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas, Montreal is infamous for its traffic jams caused by never ending construction and growing population.  In a recent report it confirmed that the typical Montrealer that has a 30 minute commute loses 92 hours a year to traffic. The reality of this loss is astronomical impacting businesses, the environment and in some cases health issues that result from increased stressed levels and the broadened carbon footprint.  Although strategies to mitigate traffic issues  exist, similar to the project management world, it only takes one unexpected change of event to occur and you will […]

Key Benefits of Schedule Updates

9 May 2017

Introduction As explained in this great guide, The purpose of a schedule update is to provide a measured result of the project’s progression and to quantify work remaining relative to the schedule’s baseline. The baseline schedule status will be updated with each update cycle. The project manager ensures that the actual start and/or finish dates of activities, remaining duration and expected finish dates of activities are updated correctly and reflect the actual progress for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation. Update Requirements A project baseline can be used to compare your initial project plans, or the state of a project at […]