Collaboration Tool Checklist: 13 Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision

1 November 2017

Collaborative work is about people working together to achieve a common goal. This is facilitated by the development of new technologies. In recent years, the number of online collaborative tools has increased. Here’s a list of 13 questions to ask yourself before purchasing an online collaboration tool: Can projects be managed collaboratively? Can multiple people work on a same document? Are there any solutions to organize online videoconferences? Can I receive notifications when a project milestone is met? Can I hide some information from my shared calendar? Is it possible to share my presentation with my collaborators in an online […]

Our Latest Review on Finances Online: Genius Project Wins Awards For Project Management Tools

30 October 2017

Finances Online is an independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. Their goal is to help software buyers find the best solution to fit their specific needs and to connect vendors with potential clients. With an overly crowded marketplace for project management solutions, a resource such as Finances Online is indispensable to the buyer’s purchasing process. In this light, we’re delighted to have received such a positive review from Finances Online. Scoring 96% for user satisfaction and 8.6 with Finances Online, we think it’s fair to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. The review […]

6 Key Features to Consider When Shopping for Collaboration Software

18 October 2017

In recent years, the number of collaborative tools has increased. What once started as simply shared agendas has now developed into something extraordinary. Here are 6 key features to consider when shopping for collaboration software: Calendar: The shared calendar facilitates the organization of appointments and meetings without the need to consult all participants. The person organizing the event finds a time interval and can check the availability of the other participants, the meeting room and then send out an invitation. These tools save a lot of time for facilitating teamwork. File sharing: File sharing tools allow you to transfer files, […]

Project Planning: Is It Really Worth It?

16 October 2017

Love it or hate it, few successful events, trips and large projects ever go off without a hitch in the absence of a diligent plan. As per PMBOK, first comes the project initiation stage, where the project charter is developed and stakeholders are identified, then comes planning. Besides integrating all the input of the various stakeholders, the project plan needs to account for additional parameters such as cost, quality, timing, coordination, communication, the availability of resources and potential risks. When debating the importance of project planning, ask yourself, “What could be the consequences of poor planning?”. You’ll soon see that […]

A Complete Collection of 27 Free Collaboration Tools (+1 Enterprise)

3 October 2017

What are the free online collaboration tools these days ? Here’s a full list: Free tool to easily organize video-conferences. Slack: Collaboration tool for teams with a fre option (among other paid options as well). Mindmup: Tool for creating easy-to-use and shareable custom diagrams. Flask: Task sharing tool for teams. Access is open to the entire team and priorities can be set. Nooot: Collaborative notebook for meetings and brainstorming with access for all. Cosketch: Multi-user online whiteboard designed to give users the ability to quickly visualize and share ideas as images. Stoodle: Collective shareable whiteboard via URL and social […]

4 Collaboration Techniques to Improve Team Performance

21 September 2017

(Source: Project Collaboration whitepaper) Collaborative work is about people working together to achieve a common goal. This is facilitated by the development of new technologies. Proximity, intimacy and permissiveness: Harvard researchers have shown that three factors are important for collaborative work. Proximity makes it possible to bring people together, intimacy implies that everyone remains independent and permissiveness encourages relationships and activities outside of work. Methods of exchange: Synchronous tools such as instant messaging or video conferencing enable real-time collaboration. The phone is also widely used and enables employees to quickly access information on a specific topic. Asynchronous tools include shared […]

The Most Common Mistakes When Managing Multiple Projects

18 September 2017

Managing a project is hard enough work, now add to that managing multiple projects – and you’ve got yourself a real (and worthwhile) challenge. In an effort to help make this process smoother for you, we’ve put together a list of common mistakes – and their subsequent solutions. Mistake #1: Lack of Project & Task Prioritization With companies running several projects simultaneously, sometimes tasks and projects are not properly prioritized and consequently, employees are left trekking away at less meaningful work. As soon as one starts managing multiple projects (and multiple project requests, for that matter), it becomes the responsibility […]

3 Things to Consider Before Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

11 September 2017

(Source: Project Collaboration whitepaper) Collaborative work is about people working together to achieve a common goal. Before getting started with implementing project collaboration software, here are 3 things to consider when creating a collaborative work environment: Impact on Security: Collaborative work also has its limitations. Data shared with too many collaborators can prove to be a threat. Sensitive business data must remain under control and cannot be disclosed outside the organization. Customer information, company figures and tariffs are examples of data that need to be protected. Organizations should also make sure to backup regularly. Impact on Work-life balance: Another potential […]

Understanding Stakeholder Management

29 August 2017

Project managers often face numerous conflicts when managing both internal and external stakeholders in a project. The difference in the perspective of how stakeholders work drives the behaviors that can create challenging situations for project managers in which indirectly, may even derail a project. This article provides insight on how to manage and understand both internal and external stakeholders to ensure a successful project. Introduction Stakeholder Management is one of the key aspects in a project that requires special attention from the project manager. The term special attention is used due to the various differences in opinions coming from each […]

5 Benefits of a Collaborative Work Environment

23 August 2017

Collaborative work is about people working together to achieve a common goal. Here are 5 advantages of creating a collaborative work environment: Flexibility: Companies and employees are more flexible. The technologies that support collaboration make it possible to easily communicate and exchange information no matter the place or timezone. Mobility: International companies, with multinational offices implement project teams that do not work in the same place or even at the same time; which means, they have unlimited access to the best resources since location is not an issue. In-person meetings are replaced by video conferences. This type of meeting reduces […]