Why Albeda Sharepoint Shows Why Project Management is Needed in the Modern Education Curriculum

14 February 2018

What’s the earliest that students should understand how productivity tools should help them with time and project management? According to Albeda, a a regional training institute for secondary vocational education in the Netherlands, it starts as early as possible.

Debunking 5 Project Management Myths

31 January 2018

Recognizing these and working to overcome the challenge of them being commonplace in the industry can insure that projects are planned, executed, and completed based on best practices instead of misconceptions.

Essential Templates for Project Managers

16 January 2018

When a project manager is focused on the completion of specific objectives and goals in the effort of bringing together a project, they need to plan, organize, and manage resources to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Projects only stand a chance of being successfully completed when specific and measurable goals are set, and the manager keeps track of the effort and resources put forth by team members. So where do you start when it comes to monitoring project output and deadlines? You could start from scratch and create a custom set of fields and formulas, but if […]

32 Terms From the “Project Collaboration Lexicon” (bet you can’t guess #10)

6 January 2018

Here are 32 terms from the “Project Collaboration Lexicon” that’ll make you sound like you know it all. Actor: Anyone involved in the implementation of a project Collaborator: Anyone involved in the execution of a project. Activity: First level of homogeneous grouping of tasks. The tasks of an activity can be performed sequentially or in parallel. Resource Allocation: The process of ensuring that the resources required for the project are made available. Project Manager: The person responsible for achieving the project’s objectives in accordance with the desired quality level, time and cost restrictions and in compliance with the company’s rules […]

Finding the Tranquility Zone In the Eye of the Efficiency Storm

3 January 2018

Three way to manage your time so that being efficient doesn’t make your life unenjoyable.

Predicting the Project Management Trends of 2018

6 December 2017

  As every year’s calendar turns its page to usher in a new era, we must constantly wonder what’s coming to the forefront in order to prepare ourselves on how to handle it. Each profession is constantly greeted with new trends that come forward and are popularized. Sometimes these trends are temporary, acting like shiny new toys that get played with until they appeal wears off and they’re discarded to the corner of the room. But sometimes these trends latch on to the way we do business, their stickiness spreading to a business solution until it’s impossible to imagine life […]

4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

29 November 2017

Here are 4 training courses that will help you become the project collaboration guru of your company: Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace: Free courses: A 6-day course that will walk you through creating the right daily task lists, keeping track of task plans, improving pm skills for your team, setting team goals and achieving them, and more. Project Collaboration with Sharepoint: Hosted by the University of Denver this course focuses on the role of collaboration as a critical success factor in project planning and execution. Collaboration Skills Training: Hosted by Business Training Works, this course provides teams with tools […]

Too Much of a Good Thing: Avoiding Unnecessary Over-Collaboration

21 November 2017

Just because you’re able to collaborate with roles across your organization doesn’t mean that everyone’s word should carry the same gravity. Understanding the weight and point of view of each of your collaborators before you share your project is vital to your end goal’s success.

Project Collaboration Experts: Top 5 Linkedin Groups to follow

14 November 2017

Here are 5 Linkedin groups that you can follow right away to stay up to date with project collaboration tools & techniques: NQI – Collaborative Project Management: This group is part of NQI’s goal to encourage discussions, conversations and sharing of experiences regarding all things related to project management, management of project portfolios (PPM) and collaboration. Castlebreck – Knights of Collaboration: Castlebreck provides everything you need to be successful with your Social Business Project. Collaboration & Project Management: Collaboration and Project Management are intimately tied together. There is rarely a successful project without highly effective collaboration. On the other hand, […]

Tips For Successful Project Execution and Completion

9 November 2017

According to a 2016 PMI report, for every $1 billion invested in projects in the United States, $122 million is wasted due to poor project performance. This of course highlights the need to manage the execution of projects in a way that leads to successful completion – as close to being on time and on budget as possible, while achieving the intended goal of the project. Here are 6 tips for successful project execution and completion: 1. Define and understand the scope of your project Your project scope lays the foundation for what you hope will be a successful project. […]