Planning for the Unplanned: Including Risk in your Project Management Strategy

4 August 2010
risk in your project management strategy

During the last couple of months, we have seen a number of major corporations who have surprisingly mishandled the management of unforeseen crises surrounding their companies.  The most notable ended with Tony Hayward’s , BP’s former CEO, recent resignation for his mishandling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This mismanagement alone provided over 2 months of “work” (which seemed like around the clock coverage) for CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Then there were the recent product recalls from Toyota that were not addressed quickly enough.  And of course we can’t forget the most recent iPhone G4 problems with its […]

Why Tony Hayward Will Never Play Carnegie Hall

27 July 2010
Carnegie Hall NYC

We all know the old saying, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Answer: Practice, practice, practice. U.S. President Barack Obama often likes to talk about, “teachable moments.”  In the end, the demise of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is probably going to provide enough lessons learned to fill an entire university, complete with a broad array of subjects. What can project managers learn from this disaster?  In short, plenty. Whether or not you’re going into unchartered waters (no pun intended), if your project is mission critical and / or has never been done before; […]

Sometimes the most Successful Project Does Not Have a Plan

15 July 2010
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As I mentioned in my first blog entry – the value of project management is often neglected. I believe part of the reason for this is that the common perception of project management tends to be narrowly defined. Project management is seen as a way to effectively plan and deliver a set of defined activities within a set time period, budget and according to specifications. The problem with this view of project management is that it does not allow for other more valuable factors that are part of the project to be included in its definition. As seen time and […]

Mount Rushmore: The Art of Project Management

10 July 2010
Gutzon Borglum

Many of today’s famous landmarks are equally enjoyed for their appearances as they are appreciated for their original intended practical use. However, there are projects that were purely conceived to function as artistic landmarks. The justification and success of those projects require a visionary group of project leaders that understand that the true value behind their project’s success relies on a combination of creative genius and effective project management to ensure the project is fully realized. The Mount Rushmore project is a classic example demonstrating the value a project can bring to a region thirsting to make its mark on […]

Every “Cloud” has its Silver Lining: Leveraging the Cloud to Manage IT Projects

29 June 2010

It seems like everywhere you turn the “Cloud” is hovering. Whether it be Software-as-a-Service (otherwise known as SaaS) or On-Demand solutions, cloud computing has moved to the forefront as the latest technology of choice for both small and large businesses alike. The reality is the internet has revolutionized the way we do business. From VOIP and email to web-enabled enterprise systems and virtual offices, the Web has transformed the way we communicate with our prospects, clients, co-workers and stakeholders. Although it’s true working in the cloud has facilitated all size organizations to work better and smarter, it has also created […]

Gartner PPM and IT Governance Summit 2010: Maximizing the Dialogue

17 June 2010

Last week I attended Gartner’s annual PPM & IT Governance Summit in Orlando and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the conference was organized to maximize the value of both attendees and sponsors of the event. I’ve been to too many conferences that primarily focused on its sessions and provided very limited opportunities for both buyers and sellers of technology to interact.  After all, these events are supposed to help generate business and provide pragmatic knowledge to those seeking to improve the way they work.    Aside from focusing on sessions that were aimed at helping IT implement effective techniques to […]

The Pet Rock Made Sense: NPD Projects Need to Benefit from the Entire Value Chain

4 June 2010
Pet Rock

In 1975 Gary Dahl was sitting at a bar listening to his friends complaining about their pets.  This mundane incident led Gary to inventing the Pet Rock that would make him an instant millionaire in a span of 6 months.  At face value, it would seem Gary had a stroke of luck with coming up with the right idea at the right time.  But the reality was, Gary Dahl did more than just come up with a clever concept. As an Ad Exec by profession, Gary understood that there was much more to his project’s success than just executing on […]

Just Like in Pac-Man, Successful Project Management is About Improving Your Skills

28 May 2010
pacman logo

It is hard to believe!  Who would have thought that a nine man project team and $100,000 over the course of one year led by Tōru Iwatani would revolutionize the world of gaming with Pac-Man?  It’s been 30 years since the launching of Pac-Man and as a project is still recognizable and enjoyed by all.  In fact, when Google recently honored our little yellow friend on March 21st by providing a live working version on its home page it is estimated that on that day alone there was a loss of 4.8 million hours (at an estimate cost of $120 […]

The Golden Gate Bridge Project: Affordable Does Not Mean Cheap

19 May 2010
Golden Gate Bridge Project

As mentioned in my introductory post, we will be regularly covering famous projects in history.  To start our dialogue, I selected the Golden Gate Bridge project, which in my opinion epitomizes the value of project management from its initial vision to its final impact on society.  In order to provide structure to this reoccurring theme of looking at famous projects, our discussions will cover the three following elements: Vision – here we’ll be exploring the concept of the project and the project management team’s success in delivering the initial vision and its success long after the project was completed. Execution […]

Exploring the Value of Project Management: What Are Your Thoughts?

14 May 2010
PM box logo

Welcome to PM box! The objective of is the blog is to create a dialogue exploring the value of project and portfolio management. For those immersed in the world of project management, discussions on streamlining project management processes are common place. This blog will focus less on project management techniques and methodologies, and more on the true outcome and value delivered by projects and the people behind their success. The goal of PM box is to provide you, the project management professional, with a soap box to express your opinions and stimulate the often neglected subject of “Value” in your […]