How Google’s project will take collaboration to new heights with a lot of hot air

26 July 2013

When it comes to project management you can never have too much collaboration.  Especially in today’s business climate where it is not uncommon for project teams to be dispersed around the globe.  In some cases, in which project teams are challenged by environmental factors and remote locations (e.g. mining or oil drilling projects) connecting has always been an issue and a pricey proposition by leveraging expensive satellite technology.  That being said, Google recently revealed its “Project Loon” in collaboration with Raven Industries known for being the leader in space  balloon technology recently popularized by the famous space jump by Austrian dare […]

A $20 cardboard bike? What “Crowdfunding” can teach project managers

5 July 2013

With both Indiegogo and Kickstarter websites attracting start-up projects around the world, the ability to leverage the ‘micro-investments’ of thousands around the world has not only empowered many business ventures regardless of location or connections, but has also delivered valuable consumer insight and market research that has been typically too expensive and difficult to achieve with the limited funds most start-ups have.  The concept of crowdfunding has leveled the playing field allowing the value of projects speak for themselves and efficiently engage markets to be true accelerators for growth.  Beyond the obvious financial benefits to crowdfunding, the idea of attracting […]

PPM Software Market looks promising for SMB Organizations

28 June 2013

Although Gartner has recently revealed during its 2013 PPM Summit that PPM software revenue has increased by 11% in North American and Western European markets,  the truth is, the majority of PPM technology adoption is relegated to mature organizations that are capable of grasping the value of these solutions.  In 2012, the PPM software market generated $1.65 billion in which 58% were delivered by the top 5 vendors who primarily service the Enterprise market.  According to Gartner, 42% of that revenue was picked up by “Other” vendors which I deduce to be referring to the PPM vendors grabbing the exploding […]

The Wembley Stadium project scores with the support of cheering fans

4 June 2013

It’s Saturday!  It’s time again for German fans to ramp up for one of the greatest soccer matches taking place at the legendary Wembley Stadium. In the upcoming Champions League final, the two top German teams FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund compete against each other on the hallowed turf of the English landmark,  home of the English national football team. What the Eiffel Tower  is to the French, the Wembley Stadium is to the English. As the former Brazilian footballer Pelé once noted, “Wembley is not only ‘the church’ of football, but also the ‘capital and the heart’ of […]

The Tumblr Story: How to build a successful culture for project success

24 May 2013

With the recent acquisition of micro-blogging site Tumblr purchased by Yahoo at an estimated $1.1 Billion, many in the technology space are scratching their head in amazement trying to piece together how a company that generated $13 million in 2012 can fetch such a high price tag.  Mind you with currently over 109 million blogs and the cult following of its 26 years old founder David Karp, it is obvious that Yahoo’s intentions are focused on rejuvenating its brand aimed at a more relevant audience.  In a world where the Yahoo brand remains as “hip” as My Space, Yahoo CEO Marissa […]

Inventing the USB: what buyers of PPM technology can learn from a proven success story

26 April 2013

The success of USB technology has faced many challenges during its climb in the last 15 years, however the key to its market acceptance lies with its original goal to solve a basic problem while delivering tangible benefits to both buyers and sellers in the markets it has served.  Today, with over 10 billion USB devices in circulation, Ajay Bhatt understood from day one that his invention would only succeed if he can convert the market drivers of the very complex technology sector that his concept will reduce suppliers’ costs while solving the basic end user problem of complex connectivity […]

Effective project collaboration means taking all measures to protect the information shared

18 April 2013

As we increasingly become more dependent on the internet to access information and conduct our daily activities, security needs to become an central element to our collaboration strategy.  Recently, cyber attacks have become more far reaching especially with recent  DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks that flood sites with insane levels of traffic grinding their service to a halt.  With this new level of attack, I’ve recently read an article that discusses the potential of these cyber attacks to actually cripple the internet as a whole.  The conclusion was that it would be practically impossible due to the security measures […]

Groupon’s Troubles: Proof that the people behind a product can make the difference

4 March 2013

In the latest in tech news, Groupon CEO and co-founder Andrew Mason was recently laid off adding to the already Management issues that has been plaguing the internet giant since its IPO in 2011.  As a product idea, Groupon’s volume discount business model launched in 2008 caught on like wild fire.  Groupon delivers huge coupon discounts to restaurants and retailers to its audience with the strategy of pooling like-minded consumers by leveraging the Web and social media.  Consumers get a great deal and in return businesses benefit from the volume in sales.  By 2010 the internet business exploded into a […]

The Hollywood Sign Project: Lights, Camera, Construction?

22 February 2013

The “Hollywood” sign is one of those iconic structures that conjures up images of celebrity, fame and the American dream.  As a symbol of the entertainment industry, the Hollywood sign is recognizable around the world.  What most people do not realize, is that the sign’s original intent was quite mundane.  In fact, it was the extraordinary birth and changes of the entertainment industry in the surrounding area that raised the sign to its iconic status as we know it today.

Choosing between SaaS and Installed PPM software can be as painful as the recent Hockey lockout

25 January 2013

Finally after a 113 day lockout by management the NHL is back in business and players are ready to battle “the good battle” entertaining hockey fans around the world.  In the end, the massive labour dispute left both sides compromising and a shortened season in which fans hope to get double the pleasure in practically half the time. You do not need to be a multi-billion dollar organization like the National Hockey League to experience deadlock decisions.  In fact, it is not unlikely to see buyers of project management and PPM software facing similar circumstances.  With hundreds of options at […]