Part 2: PM Software is from Mars…or is it Venus? What is Project Collaboration

18 May 2015

Circling back to our last article about navigating the PPM & PM landscape, we arrive to the first point of attack: Project Collaboration. Project Collaboration tools are an undeniably better way to manage team communications versus email – which are often inundated with notifications from social media, personal emails and all other types of communications that flood inboxes and cause unnecessary distractions. This video of Slack founder, Stewart Butterfield, describes why using a social collaboration platform instead of work emails will make workers more productive: Slash Many companies are choosing to work with Project Collaboration platforms for this very reason, […]

PM Software is from Mars…or is it Venus?

10 May 2015
red mars planet

The mission of establishing permanent human residence on Mars, and the set departure date for the first crew in 2026, has spawned a series of questions about the possibility of vacationing to this “Red Planet”. While some have high hopes as to the possibility of taking weekend jaunts to Mars, the reality is that when or if commercial space travel does happen, it won’t only be costly, but lengthy too – with the expected length of visit being up to four months at a time. The same can be said about the expectations vs reality when it comes to purchasing a PM […]

Project Managers Beware! It can take less than a minute to kill your entire project

6 April 2015

In a world where overnight fame or infamy can happen to anyone with a webcam and internet connection, more than ever project managers need to carefully design a communication and collaboration strategy that will positively impact their projects while preventing the damaging effects of a potential negative broadcasting of information that can instantly shut them down at a moments notice.  Social media can  be used as a powerful tool to help drive a project quickly to success. Leveraging Twitter-like functionality and social collaboration can help quickly move your project by instantly shoring up the necessary support from your stakeholders to […]

Proper Stakeholder Management – The Key to Preventing Employee Strikes

3 November 2014

“A Fair Day’s Wages for a Fair Day’s Work!” “A Fair Day’s Wages for a Fair Day’s Work!” One needs to only look at international news on any given day to realize that strikes are a worldwide phenomenon that can occur in almost any country. At the time these words were written, 14,000 home daycare workers across Quebec hold a 1-day strike to pressure government on wages and hours while over in British Columbia, an agreement is finally reached with IKEA after 17-month long strike by its workers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, strikes by both Train […]

Famous Projects Gone Wrong: The Olympic Stadium

8 October 2014

Its nicknames range from The Big O to the White Elephant, to The Big Owe, but apparently that one no longer applies because in 2006 Quebecers finally paid off the $1.5-billion debt from the 1976 Summer Games. Some locals and Ex-pats  refer to it as “ugly”, “unsafe”, “a modern disaster” or  simply a “waste,” while others wax nostalgic about 1994, Tim Wallach and the Expos. It boasts the highest inclined tower in the world and is recognized as a popular Montreal sightseeing monument for tourists around the world. Too bad it’s so inconveniently located in the eastern Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of […]

Sun Tzu and the Art of Project Management Part 1: The Essentials

26 August 2014

It’s been referred to as one of the most timeless pieces of military literature ever written and can be found in both the Military History AND Business section of many bookstores. It’s been directly alluded to in both movies and television series, including Wall Street, where it was touted as the corporate raider’s bible and The Sopranos, where Tony himself uses some of Sun Tzu’s principles to better manage his “other family”. Some even go as far as saying that it was the inspiration behind Georges Lucas’ concept of “The Force” in Star Wars. But can the principles found in […]

An Exercise in Teamwork and Project Management: Apple and IBM Join Forces.

21 July 2014

The times, they are a-changing… I admit that when I first read the news, I did a double take and had to look out my office window to make sure pigs were not flying. I mean, I could just picture Ron Burgundy saying: “…and in other news, Hell has officially frozen over.” After all, wasn’t it just a little over 30 years ago that the late, great Steve Jobs: ♦ Penned the infamous, sarcastic print advertisement “Welcome, IBM. Seriously”, which was meant to highlight IBM’s relatively late entry into the nascent IT market; ♦ Declared open war on IBM when Apple introduced […]

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Project: “All in one (Brazilian) rhythm”

13 June 2014

Millions of worldwide fans eagerly await this year’s top football event, the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, which is currently on its way. To understand this gigantic project, we don’t have to look to far, to recognize that the planning and organization of the project conforms to this World Cup’s slogan: “All in one rhythm” – although a Brazilian rhythm. From the perspective of a Project Manager, the project is a disaster, especially when considering the fact that the opening match on June 12 in Sao Paolo will take place in an unfinished stadium with the budget increased by […]

The International Space Station Project: Where no project manager has gone before

25 April 2014

Any one of the seven wonders of the world can claim the title of most famous project on our planet, however probably the most famous project out of this world would be the International Space Station (ISS).  Although to be honest with you, there is not much competition beside the many orbiting satellites and their space junk friends which can qualify as potential candidates.  The ISS completion is a true example of an international project in which the vision, execution and outcome has evolved as the needs and wants of the many stakeholders involved has changed over time. The IIS […]

When did a Plan stop being a Plan? Not Sure? Blame the iPhone!

14 March 2014

I remember a simpler time when someone asked to use the telephone you knew it was to actually make a phone call.  Today, when you see kids begging their parents to use their “Phone” 99% of the time it’s to play video games.  In the last 7 years, the “Phone” has been redefined as an all purpose device ranging from communication via voice, text, SMS and email to browsing the web, taking photos/videos, listening to music and watching YouTube.  Today’s phone’s are mobile computers keeping you connected and entertained on the go.  Although smart phone technology has been available since […]