Genius Inside Summit Reveals that Social Media in PPM is not Child’s Play

15 March 2012
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Recently I was speaking with my six year old son about his friends and what they do for fun, when he brought up that a group of his buddies have the Nintendo 3DS. Still stuck in the age of Atari I was amazed when he told me that with this newer console you can play video games in 3-D (no glasses required) and that his friends (as he said) enter some code on to their devices to accept each other as “Friends” and communicate via “Texting.”  Is it possible!?!  Social networking starts in first grade!?!  Apparently it does.

As social media permeates all our lives, in our first ever Genius Inside User Summit held in Geneva a couple of weeks back we received interesting feedback concerning the reveal of our upcoming social collaboration platform “Genius Live” that confirmed that the definition of social media takes on a very different meaning when applied to the business and project management world (in opposition to that of my son’s world).  Where in the typical world social media is about connectivity, for businesses social media is better applied as an extension to a collaboration strategy that enhances the communication among the existing workforce and stakeholders.  It was excellent to see the Genius Inside community get together and for us to reveal some truly exciting launches that we believe will transform the way project management practitioners and their teams will collaborate in the future.  With a heavy focus on usability and collaboration, this year’s summit revealed more flexibility in configuring reports and the launch of “Genius Live” which incorporates social media tools (such as a personal “Wall” for users) taking project collaboration to the next level.

Although better collaboration is always top of mind for our community, when we surveyed our customers at the User Summit the results were interesting.   While 60% of respondents indicated that they would likely take advantage of our new social collaboration platform “Genius Live,” 70% of that same group indicated that approval workflows play an important role in their PPM strategy.  Although these results can be interpreted in many ways, it is evident to me that social collaboration capabilities are compelling, but only if these tools are in line with our customers’ existing approval workflows and business processes.  That being said, it can be derived that project management environments are open to new ways of interacting with project information as long as it’s in a controlled environment that resides within their own business context.

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