Lotus Fever is in the Air! Lotusphere 2012 reminds us what it means to be social

13 January 2012
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For all the Lotus Notes groupies, every year when the big Lotusphere event comes around it seems like the whole world stops for the week, and everyone’s attention is aimed at learning about the next big announcement and reveal of the annual celebrity mystery guest that will set the tone of the Lotus Notes community for the upcoming year.

With Lotusphere 2012 just around the corner, it will be great to escape the Montreal weather and enjoy this year’s Orlando event piggy backing on last year’s social media theme with a focus on “Social Business.”    As collaboration platforms proliferate the enterprise world, social media tools are slowly gaining traction to further optimize the ability to share and analyze the increasingly information-heavy business environments we work in.  Being social in the business world, does not mean being distracted by non-business activities.  “Being Social” in a business context means leveraging the best tools to capture and share the most relevant information that will impact the overall performance of the business.  With so much available information at a company’s finger tips, the goal of implementing social business practices is to eradicate the analysis paralysis and confusion that is a result of too much information.

Recently Forrester Research released a report that said that “Organizations will increase their spending on enterprise social collaboration software at a compound annual growth rate of 61 percent through 2016, a year in which the market for these products will reach US$6.4 billion, compared with $600 million last year.”  Although only small percentage of employees actually leverage social media tools in their work, on a regular basis we at Genius Inside are approached by businesses that are seeking a better way to manage their project information in a more relevant and meaningful way (as their hard drives pile up with more and more data to sift through and analyze).  It is coming to a point for many information driven businesses where their information strategy cannot be solved by one solution or tool alone, but requires a holistic approach that carefully weaves together social media, collaboration, unified communications, and business intelligence to deliver the most effective strategy for workers and their employers to access the most relevant information without hurting the overall objectives of their organization.

With that being said, I am interested in what IBM has to say concerning Social Business at this year’s Lotusphere extravaganza.  In my opinion, IBM tends to take a more conservative view on the application of new technologies which tends to be a more realistic view of how enterprises will respond and incorporate these strategies and tools into their own businesses.

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