Why Do Only 56% of IT Projects Meet Their Deadline?

26 February 2018
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Every year the Project Management Institute releases an annual study which highlights the flaws of companies across a variety of industries with regards to how they perform with their project management. This year, they focused their study on the performance of IT companies. What they found is a serious statistic that might make us rethink how we start and finish projects.

In October 2017, this global association of project, program and portfolio management professionals interviewed 4455 project management professionals, 800 project management office directors and 447 company executives from different sectors, including IT.

The study they created shows that, on average, only 56% of projects run by IT companies are completed on time and that 60% of them respect the budget allocated to them. 14% of these projects are considered complete failures while 70% reach the objectives set, according to the professionals interviewed.

According to PMI, of the $100 million invested in projects by IT organizations, $9 million is lost as a result of the unfortunate focus of inefficiency. How do we explain these results? Keep in mind that 40% of respondents reported the change of objectives during the project.

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