What do Kevin Spacey, Harry Potter and Social Media have in common?

8 February 2011
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kevin spacey ibm lotusphere 2011These were all highlights at this year’s IBM Lotusphere 2011 conference uniting the Lotus Notes community.  From the opening session featuring Kevin Spacey to the final evening concluding at Universal Orlando’s theme park featuring the Wizardry World of Harry Potter, as a first timer to this event, I was amazed to see the incredible global following the Lotus Notes community has.  As true pioneers in the world of collaboration, decades before Twitter and Facebook, the Lotus Notes platform has provided a collaboration platform on its groupware technology allowing thousands of developers, software architects and business partners deliver first class collaboration tools to the businesses they serve.

Last week’s four day event consistently pushed its theme “Get Social. Do Business” emphasizing Lotus Notes place in the Social Media world.  During the kick off of the event the top brass at IBM encouraged the Lotus Notes community to take a leadership in delivering Social Media to the business world. The Lotusphere event is notorious for surprising its attendees every year with a famous personality to present during its opening ceremonies.  This year Kevin Spacey was invited to deliver a poignant presentation about his foray into the social media space back in 2001 with the launching of his community platform Trigger Street that was way ahead of its time empowering independent filmmakers to share ideas and opportunities among each other, and finally culminating with his involvement as a producer of the recent Facebook film.  Spacey’s message was simple – social media tools are only as good as the people behind them.  Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or a community platform, ultimately it’s the end user who will determine the fate of this technology and its impact on the business world.

This is definitely a message we continuously hear in the project management world.  The available tools employed are only as good as the people and processes behind them.  To hear my thoughts on social media and project management during Lotusphere 2011, I encourage you to check out my quick video interview by Docova

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