Top Benefits of Project Management Software Solutions

1 August 2017
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To succeed in intensely competitive industries, organizations need to make the best use of technology and B2B software solutions. Project managers need to understand the many benefits of project management software systems to be able to utilize them effectively. The popularity of this type of software can be gauged from the fact that the global web-based project management software market is expected to rake in sales of $1.52 billion from 2016 to 2020.

But what is project management software, really? In general, these solutions allow project managers to assign and track tasks, keep members updated, and efficiently coordinate with them. Plus, they can help to eliminate issues such as over-budgeting, miscommunication, project delays etc.

Time management is essential to complete projects successfully. Inefficient time management can lead to delays, additional consumption of resources and other problems. Project management programs can help managers to manage time wisely and productively. This article details the other major benefits of online project management platforms.

Project Collaboration

Individual team members are given specific tasks as part of project work. Team members can utilize project management software for effective collaboration by discussing outstanding work, timelines, documents etc.

Instant Communication

This system can be used by team members internally to communicate their ideas and input on projects and tasks. Plus, companies can also utilize the product to communicate externally with vendors, clients, partners and other concerned parties.

Communication with Suppliers and Clients

With project management software, companies can collaborate with suppliers and clients from a single location. You can enable your clients to access the system and view relevant project information. This will help them to make edits, review progress, and offer direct feedback.

Global Work Assignment

Multinational companies often have employees based in different parts of the world which makes it difficult for the project manager to coordinate work among them. Project management software helps to bring transparency and uniformity to a multi-location team. The team members will be able to understand their individual responsibilities and jobs without difficulty. Project managers can track the progress of work delegated to each member and help them to complete all assignments within the deadlines.

Work Synchronization

Team members are involved in different project modules and it is important to ensure perfect coordination among them. Project management software can help team members to avoid ambiguity mistakes and execute their tasks in a synchronized manner. Project managers can provide clear instructions to each member to ensure there is no overlapping of responsibilities. This can help to facilitate work coordination, save time, and ensure the project is completed in quick time.

Budget Management

It is important to ensure your project is completed within the allotted budget. Project managers can use the solution to calculate the required budget for the work to be done and align tasks accordingly. Plus, the software can help to minimize project expenditure and help managers effectively utilize available resources.

Monitoring Progress

Project managers need to constantly track how the work is progressing. They can use project management software to monitor the project stages as the work continues and get insights on whether the team will be able to complete the job on time.

Document Sharing

This feature is offered by top systems both within the platform as well as with integrated third party applications. It enables team members to share documents, specifications, wireframes and more for improved communication and transparency.

Accurate Decision Making

The platform offers all the data and information in a central secure place. This helps project managers and top management to make appropriate decisions as the project progresses to facilitate successful completion.

Timely Completion

A major benefit is the system can help project managers to manage and coordinate their team members efficiently and get the maximum output from them to complete the projects within the allotted deadlines.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you complete a project on time and within budget, the client is satisfied and happy. A delighted client is sure to return. Thus, project management software can help you build profitable long-term relationships with your suppliers and customers. With this system, you can apply fundamental strategies, focus on your tasks, achieve your objectives, improve deliverability, and reach a high success rate. 


As our article shows, effective use of project management software can ensure a win-win result for all stakeholders. If your company is already using this type of system, feel free to share information with us about how it is helping to enhance your employees’ efficiency and productivity.


Alex Hillsberg is chief editor at the review department and is an expert in the area of B2B and SaaS related products. He has worked for several B2B startups in the past and gathered a lot of first hand knowledge about the industry during that time.

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