Project Management Professionals and the Cloud: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

26 January 2011
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Every other day there is another story in the technology space where we hear the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft battling over their position in the vast internet landscape.  Has Facebook’s social community and content trivialized the algorithms dominated by Google that drive the internet?  If so, has this made Google the new dinosaur?  Or is Microsoft trying to emerge from its shadows to redefine its position in the marketplace pushing down on Google’s top spot?  Regardless of the story, one thing is obvious – there is a revitalization of the tech market and its all due to the incredible power of the internet.

Business and consumers alike around the world live and breathe internet technology.  The portability of the internet accessible on mobile devices and notebooks from anywhere at any time has placed cloud technology at the epicenter linking people to their demand for instantaneous and relevant information.   The cloud has evolved into the platform of choice that has revolutionized how people and businesses interact on a daily basis.  For many it is their primary means to communicate in their professional and personal lives.  With that being said the titans of the tech industry have recognized this cultural shift that has taken place and are very aware that there are billion dollars at stake.  The cloud has created a global economy accessible by all.  The concept of a “multi-national” is no longer uniquely relevant to Fortune 1000 companies.  In today’s economy the cloud has empowered even the smallest of organizations to link people across borders, oceans and time zones.

In the project management world where the talent that drives projects have always help define the success of a team, the cloud has made it possible for even the smallest project management groups to pool their resources and effectively work in a collaborative environment with the same efficiency as other enterprise project management environments that have the resources and infrastructure to ensure project success.    In today’s connected environment where the exchange of information seamlessly flows via the internet, project management organizations must view the cloud as an integral conduit for their processes.  Whether the selected project management technology lives in the public cloud or is hosted internally, project management organizations will need to leverage the internet to maintain their competitiveness and frankly adapt to the shift their talent is embracing in their personal and professional lives.  There is no question that the internet and the cloud will continuously entrench itself in the psyche of the project management professional.  The only question that remains is when and how quickly.  The fact is, like Microsoft and Google, project management professionals need to quickly adapt to this new reality so that they are not labeled as the dinosaurs of their world.

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