Project Collaboration Experts: Top 5 Linkedin Groups to follow

14 November 2017
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Here are 5 Linkedin groups that you can follow right away to stay up to date with project collaboration tools & techniques:

  1. NQI – Collaborative Project Management: This group is part of NQI’s goal to encourage discussions, conversations and sharing of experiences regarding all things related to project management, management of project portfolios (PPM) and collaboration.
  2. Castlebreck – Knights of Collaboration: Castlebreck provides everything you need to be successful with your Social Business Project.
  3. Collaboration & Project Management: Collaboration and Project Management are intimately tied together. There is rarely a successful project without highly effective collaboration. On the other hand, most of the collaboration activities occur within the course of a project where a team has to deliver something within a given time frame.
  4. Project Lab – trends, tech and project collaboration: Join the discussion on trends, tech and tools for project collaboration excellence. Sometimes acting as a forum for the Project Lab blog.
  5. Project Management and Collaboration Innovation: PMCI deals with topics like:
    1. How to make project management tools more user friendly?
    2. How to make collaboration platforms more intuitive?
    3. How to make project management tools smarter?

If you want to answer the question, what is project collaboration, download our free PDF here. Read more about Genius Project’s project collaboration feature, available for free with a standard license of our software.

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