How to Cut Down on Manual Efforts on Project Management

11 April 2018
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Running a successful business requires knowledge into your strategy and how you plan to execute it. You need to cover your bases well by understanding the market dynamics, as well as how your competition handles themselves and how you present yourself to your customers. The new hot phrase is “agile,” you suddenly need to be agile in your execution, being productive and delivering more with less becomes the need of the hour. But is it as easy as it sounds? Technology markets around the world are a crowded space and carving out a niche for yourselves is the toughest ask we must overcome to stay relevant and on top.


A lot of times this can be as simple as automating a task that used to be manually changed instead of having to fill it out over and over again. As Elizabeth Harrin has noted in her most recent whitepaper, these sorts of things are done all the time by everyone from busy PMs all the way to Elon Musk. But how much time can these manual efforts actually save you? Does streamlining your tasks lead you to having accelerated growth, or does setting up more workflows that are automated create just as much work as actually doing the work?

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