Attention Lotus Notes Users! Is your Project Information at your Fingertips?

13 May 2011
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The latest tech news in my neck of the woods (Montreal, Canada) is that Research in Motion (makers of the Blackberry) recently snapped up Montreal-based that offers a social calendar allowing people to share their schedules with their friends, co-workers and colleagues via the Cloud. What is interesting about Tungle is that it solves probably the most basic challenge knowledge workers face in their daily interaction with the technology they use in their everyday work.  This challenge is managing siloed data and information that needs to be efficiently shared and accessed.  In the case of scheduling, Tungle was born with the knowledge that by linking disparate calendars sitting on different platforms via the cloud, it would deliver the value knowledge workers are seeking to achieve with productivity tools that improve the way they work.

For project management practitioners who live and breathe Lotus Notes through scheduling activities and meetings through calendars, exchanging mission critical project information via email and sharing project documents, many of them do not realize that the true centralization and collaboration of project information possible in Lotus Notes may not be fully realized.  The truth is companies like Tungle have banked their success on the limitations of other technologies (at least from the scheduling perspective).  However unlike most typical calendaring and emailing applications, Lotus Notes is different in that it provides a robust collaboration platform that allows organizations to built composite client and cloud applications allowing your project management team to experience a more efficient system to better manage and share project information.

In case you were not aware, a fully leveraged Lotus Notes environment can deliver the following benefits to your project management group:

•    A comprehensive Project and Portfolio Management solution built on and fully embedded in your Lotus Notes environment via client and cloud options.
•    Powerful document management and workflow capabilities centralizing all project information mapped to your unique business processes.
•    Flexible reporting and dashboard capabilities designed to meet the needs of your diverse stakeholders (executives, PMOs, project managers, team members, customers, etc.).
•    Remote and offline capabilities required by certain project environments delivered via cloud and client options (through the concept of replication).

To learn more about my thoughts on Lotus Notes based PPM systems, please refer to my recent webcast and white paper on the subject.  As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

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