A Complete Collection of 27 Free Collaboration Tools (+1 Enterprise)

3 October 2017
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What are the free online collaboration tools these days ? Here’s a full list:

  1. Appear.in: Free tool to easily organize video-conferences.
  2. Slack: Collaboration tool for teams with a fre option (among other paid options as well).
  3. Mindmup: Tool for creating easy-to-use and shareable custom diagrams.
  4. Flask: Task sharing tool for teams. Access is open to the entire team and priorities can be set.
  5. Nooot: Collaborative notebook for meetings and brainstorming with access for all.
  6. Cosketch: Multi-user online whiteboard designed to give users the ability to quickly visualize and share ideas as images.
  7. Stoodle: Collective shareable whiteboard via URL and social networks.
  8. JitsiMeet: Organization of video conferences and webinars with as many participants as desired and an integrated chat on an encrypted system.
  9. SayHello: Video-conference space accessible for 6 people.
  10. Propulse: Project management and task coordination tool with a common goal; each person has a roadmap or dashboard with its activities and overview.
  11. ProjeQtor: Application to manage projects with tasks, resource allocation, budgets and incident tracking. The software must be installed within the company and employees access it via a web interface. This platform offers an opportunity to manage larger projects.
  12. Trello: Software with unlimited use of accounts. The tool offers a wall with tasks in web and mobile versions. All collaborators have the same table for a project and receive notifications in real-time.
  13. Collabtive: A complete open source project management tool with an overview of the time spent by project and employee.
  14. Asana: Tool for managing projects, tasks, calendars, file sharing and conversations around projects.
  15. Taskworld: Application for managing projects online with a secure online workspace that allows the centralization of projects.
  16. Twiddla: Shareable virtual whiteboard with built-in chat.
  17. Bubble.us: Tool to create simple mindmaps that can be edited by several people.
  18. Edmodo: Teaching platform to promote sharing and communication between the teacher, students and parents.
  19. SocialFolders: A tool for sharing posts and publications.
  20. Cacoo: Tool to create schemas, diagrams and heuristics maps online.
  21. Titanpad: Online word processor to work with several people on one document simultaneously.
  22. Wiggio: Collaborative tool for organizing collective work with shared calendars, task lists, polls, and file sharing space.
  23. Azendoo: Online task management application.
  24. BSCW: Platform for working in collaborative mode.
  25. Mikogo: Tool for organizing video conferences, online meetings and online collaboration.
  26. Freedcamp: Project management and collaboration tool.
  27. Meistertask: Project management tool and online tasks.
  28. BONUS: Genius Project has a built-in project collaboration feature that comes for free with a standard license.

For information on enterprise collaboration tools, check out our Beginner’s guide to Project Collaboration. (Download the full PDF here)

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