3 Things to Consider Before Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

11 September 2017
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(Source: Project Collaboration whitepaper)

Collaborative work is about people working together to achieve a common goal. Before getting started with implementing project collaboration software, here are 3 things to consider when creating a collaborative work environment:

  1. Impact on Security: Collaborative work also has its limitations. Data shared with too many collaborators can prove to be a threat. Sensitive business data must remain under control and cannot be disclosed outside the organization. Customer information, company figures and tariffs are examples of data that need to be protected. Organizations should also make sure to backup regularly.

  2. Impact on Work-life balance: Another potential issue is people overworking and blurring the lines between their personal time and work hours. That ever elusive work-life balance then becomes increasingly difficult if individuals don’t set their boundaries.

  3. Impact on Productivity: Finally, the loss of human touch can be detrimental if taken to an extreme. Productivity is lost If everything needs to be entered into a system, as it can often take much more time to write out task descriptions than to simply go over to someone and discuss face-to-face.

To answer the question of what is collaborative work, read chapter #1 of our Beginner’s guide to Project Collaboration. (Download the full PDF here)

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