The Working Circle

13 August 2018

This internal searching affects those around you. If you are inspired, it becomes easy to wake up early and lead your team. Problems do not seem life ending because solutions get you closer to the ultimate goal. The WHAT and HOW are easily identified. The WHY turns your manipulation into inspiration.

Uptime or Downtime? How Do You Manage Boredom

7 June 2018

If you ain’t living, you’re dying.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity Through Time Tracking

24 May 2018

Whether you’re writing blog posts, staffing up for an event, covering all the operating hours surrounding seasonal ups and downs, or trying to figure out whether to add staff to cover a growing project or client list, you’ve got to be able to quantify your current workload if you hope to maintain efficiency and productivity.

Choosing Between Hosted Solutions & Cloud Storage

11 May 2018

Of the millions and millions of softwares that exist in this world, most of them offer the option to host your data in the cloud.

Expensive Mistakes: Lack of Communication with Project Stakeholders

19 April 2018

Mistakes happen everywhere and all the time. Some can be minor without serious consequences, but others can be fatal. When it comes to project management, a small mistake can sometimes cost a whole project. Among the mistakes with some more serious consequences is the lack of communication with project stakeholders because, read carefully, IT MAY COST YOU A LOT OF MONEY.

How to Cut Down on Manual Efforts on Project Management

11 April 2018

Does streamlining your tasks lead you to having accelerated growth, or does setting up more workflows that are automated create just as much work as actually doing the work?

The Holistic Approach to Project Management, Explained

13 March 2018

Holistic medicine refers to treating the whole person while taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

Why Do Only 56% of IT Projects Meet Their Deadline?

26 February 2018

Every year the Project Management Institute releases an annual study which highlights the flaws of companies across a variety of industries with regards to how they perform with their project management. This year, they focused their study on the performance of IT companies. What they found is a serious statistic that might make us rethink how we start and finish projects. In October 2017, this global association of project, program and portfolio management professionals interviewed 4455 project management professionals, 800 project management office directors and 447 company executives from different sectors, including IT. The study they created shows that, on average, only […]

Why Albeda Sharepoint Shows Why Project Management is Needed in the Modern Education Curriculum

14 February 2018

What’s the earliest that students should understand how productivity tools should help them with time and project management? According to Albeda, a a regional training institute for secondary vocational education in the Netherlands, it starts as early as possible.

Debunking 5 Project Management Myths

31 January 2018

Recognizing these and working to overcome the challenge of them being commonplace in the industry can insure that projects are planned, executed, and completed based on best practices instead of misconceptions.