IT Departments

Is your IT department demonstrating business value?

CIOs and IT departments demand better tools to better support their

organizations in delivering higher quality service to their stakeholders.

Tailored to your organization’s business processes, Genius Project

provides complete visibility into your project and portfolio lifecycles

from demand to successful delivery.

IT Governance

IT Governance

Ensure alignment with corporate objectives, while improving visibility, with Genius Project's portfolio management capabilities, by providing a holistic view of IT portfolios facilitating project prioritization and process control.

Demand Management

Demand Management

Gain better visibility into your demand pipeline. Streamline resource planning and project prioritization with Genius Project's IT demand management capabilities that allows you to collect and organize project requests based on your unique approval processes.

Project Management

Project Management

Effectively manage IT projects ensuring you stay within budget and meet your deadlines. Whether it is the acquisition or upgrade of new technology, or the servicing of your customers’ equipment, Genius Project delivers comprehensive project portfolio management software that will manage the entire life cycle of your IT projects from demand to delivery.

Software Development

Software Development

Empower your project managers and team leaders who regularly face the challenges of change and visibility into their software development teams and projects. Genius Project delivers best in class software project capabilities including Help Desk and Agile/SCRUM support.


From our perspective after at looking at many similar products, Genius seemed to have the best integrated document management and workflow solution in this price range while supporting the majority of functionality that we need... we felt that Genius had the best blend of dashboard and reporting and hit the most functionality requirements that we had.

M. Jason Hargrove
Vice President of Administration
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