Optimize project performance

Maximize your accountability with constituents by improving government

services within budget. Genius Project delivers a comprehensive

portfolio and project management software (PPM) designed to support

the unique challenges federal, regional and local governments face in

managing projects and resources across various geographies and locales.

Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Streamline your government services projects by meeting your deadlines and not exceeding your budgetary constraints. Genius Project offers government agencies complete project planning and cost management capabilities, allowing government stakeholders to better manage project progress and costs across teams, departments and locations.

Enhance Collaboration and Document Management

Enhance Collaboration and Document Management

Create a highly collaborative project environment improving knowledge transfer, performance and reporting. Genius Project provides best-in-class collaboration and reporting tools including its social collaboration platform Genius Live!, a complete document management solution empowering all government stakeholders to easily share and track project documents across the organization.

Improve Visibility of Portfolios and Resources

Improve Visibility of Portfolios and Resources

Get a better handle on your project pipeline, portfolio and resource pool. In response to budget and resource cuts, Genius Project facilitates keeping an eye on the bottom line. It delivers robust reporting capabilities to government agencies designed to better manage portfolios and track resource allocations that are critical to project success.


Partial list of projects supported by our customers in Government

  1. New Product Development
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Capital Expenditure
  5. Human Resource
  6. Marketing and Communications
  7. Service Maintenance
  8. Quality Improvement and Lean Initiatives
  9. Information Technology – e.g. ERP, SCM, CRM, etc.
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The city government of Sindelfingen has chosen Genius Project due to its full feature set and its flexibility to adapt to the city's Multi Project Management  environment. Another critical decision factor can be attributed to Genius Project's seamless integration with IBM Lotus Notes.

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