1. Organize

Cost & Budget Management

Cost tracking is essential to measure project performance vs. budgets. Genius Project compares planned vs. actual expenditures vs. estimated work to completion to highlight budget drift.

Project Planning & Gantt Chart

Genius Project offers its own Java based Gantt charting tool, Genius Planner, as well as tight integration with Microsoft Project. With Genius Project you have choice.

Resource Management

Genius Project’s Resources Module enables organizations to obtain optimal results from their most valuable asset, their people. Increase ROI by optimizing utilization and minimizing bench time.


Genius Simulator enables project teams to experiment in a sand box environment with project parameters such as time and budget, to determine the most cost-effective route for completing projects.


2. Empower People

Document Management

Genius Project manages all project related documents. It provides document templates and helps to structure information. These can be easily extended with a series of pre-defined documents, according to your requirements.

Social Team Collaboration

Genius Live! is Genius Project’s social collaboration platform that takes enterprise PPM to the next level. It will empower your users by delivering powerful social media capabilities familiar to today’s information worker.


3. Support Business Processes

Agile SCRUM Support

Genius Project supports Agile and Scrum methodologies by providing a variety of Agile- and Scrum-specific tools and views that tie into an organization’s project management processes.

Demand Management

Genius Project's demand management allows you to collect and organize these requests and offers you the tools to better define priorities using ranking criteria.

Genius Connector

Genius Project quickly and cost-effectively integrates with enterprise software applications including SAP, Salesforce.com, Oracle JD Edwards, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Share point, Microsoft Office, IBM i (AS/400), HL7, Google Apps and many more.

Help Desk

Genius Project allows you to have a single point of access to your project statuses, portfolios health and daily logged events. With Genius Project’s workflow engine you can easily capture and manage Help Desk events improving the quality and speed of your service.

Phase and Gate Review Support

Genius Project allows you to better manage and prioritize product ideas, ensure that your best resources are working on the most promising projects, and facilitate the delivery of your projects on time.

Project Invoicing

The new Invoicing module allows you to create invoices in Word format in just a few clicks. What once took many days can now be done in a few hours. You can even schedule monthly invoice generation for each customer.

Risk & Change Management

Change is a natural part of any project and every change has its risks. Genius Project lets you control what risks to take and how you manage change.


4. Improve Visibility

Dashboards & Reporting

Genius Project provides a powerful platform for reporting, analysis and information delivery. It combines report creation and analysis tools with a content management and delivery system.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Make the right choices and increase productivity and ROI with the right strategic mix of projects. Manage the project pipeline and prioritize projects according to strategic alignment and constraints.

Project Tracking

You need to be proactive to ensure optimal project steering. Genius Project is an ideal project tracking software that provides you with all the essential information to monitor your projects: resources used, estimated and actual costs, deliverables, task progression and much more.

Time & Expense Tracking

Genius Project links timesheet data directly to a project and updates the information automatically. It provides a user-friendly way of collecting actual hours and estimates of time required to complete tasks related to projects and sending for approval through workflow.

Workflow Management

Genius Project’s unique role-based workflow engine can manage any kind of process from the most simple to the most complex. 

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