The International Space Station Project: Where no project manager has gone before

25 April 2014

Any one of the seven wonders of the world can claim the title of most famous project on our planet, however probably the most famous project out of this world would be the International Space Station (ISS).  Although to be honest with you, there is not much competition beside the many orbiting satellites and their space junk friends which can qualify as potential candidates.  The ISS completion is a true example of an international project in which the vision, execution and outcome has evolved as the needs and wants of the many stakeholders involved has changed over time. The IIS […]

Discount Fighter Jets – the “Walmartization” of Government Projects

17 September 2013

In a world where bargain discounts and factory outlets have captured the attention of today’s budget conscious consumer,  it’s not surprising that based on today’s global economy, governments (and to be more specific – the US government) are also looking for ways to cut costs.  As a result, believe it or not, there is company who is in the process of developing a fighter jet that would save the Pentagon $1 Billion in fuel alone annually on low tactical missions that are costing them $25,000 in fuel for every F-16 Jet led into these missions.  Textron AirLand was formed to […]

Do you want to hop on the Hyperloop? A trip with the Jetsons may not be as quick as Musk suggests

16 August 2013

Famous technologist and billionaire Elon Musk (co-founder of PayPal) has recently promoted his idea of changing the landscape of travel with his futuristic Hyperloop concept that suggests that for the fraction of the cost ($6 Billion) than the current railway project in California his solution will deliver commuters to their destinations in half the time of commercial flights.  The idea is to build a “Jetsons-like” tubular route in which passengers of six would be launched every 30 seconds in enclosed aluminium pods travelling supersonic speeds to their destination. Although it all sounds a bit unreal, most of the technology he […]

A $20 cardboard bike? What “Crowdfunding” can teach project managers

5 July 2013

With both Indiegogo and Kickstarter websites attracting start-up projects around the world, the ability to leverage the ‘micro-investments’ of thousands around the world has not only empowered many business ventures regardless of location or connections, but has also delivered valuable consumer insight and market research that has been typically too expensive and difficult to achieve with the limited funds most start-ups have.  The concept of crowdfunding has leveled the playing field allowing the value of projects speak for themselves and efficiently engage markets to be true accelerators for growth.  Beyond the obvious financial benefits to crowdfunding, the idea of attracting […]

The Tumblr Story: How to build a successful culture for project success

24 May 2013

With the recent acquisition of micro-blogging site Tumblr purchased by Yahoo at an estimated $1.1 Billion, many in the technology space are scratching their head in amazement trying to piece together how a company that generated $13 million in 2012 can fetch such a high price tag.  Mind you with currently over 109 million blogs and the cult following of its 26 years old founder David Karp, it is obvious that Yahoo’s intentions are focused on rejuvenating its brand aimed at a more relevant audience.  In a world where the Yahoo brand remains as “hip” as My Space, Yahoo CEO Marissa […]

The Hollywood Sign Project: Lights, Camera, Construction?

22 February 2013

The “Hollywood” sign is one of those iconic structures that conjures up images of celebrity, fame and the American dream.  As a symbol of the entertainment industry, the Hollywood sign is recognizable around the world.  What most people do not realize, is that the sign’s original intent was quite mundane.  In fact, it was the extraordinary birth and changes of the entertainment industry in the surrounding area that raised the sign to its iconic status as we know it today.

Project Porsche 911: Where the rubber meets the road

19 November 2012
Porsche 911 Genius Red

Although the Porsche 911 will celebrate its 50th anniversary in a few months, it definitely doesn’t look its age!  It is an absolute classic among sports cars and its timeless design never goes out of style.  In the world of Project Management, the Porsche 911 is certainly a flagship project.  According to German magazine “MotorKlassik” only 10 prototypes were built prior to its release in September 1963.  This fact alone, is almost unbelievable, compared to today’s mass-production manufacturers who can burn through 100s of prototypes before a product launch.

The Eiffel Tower Project: With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

30 July 2012

Many would agree that the Eiffel Tower can be labelled one of the greatest architectural achievements of all time.  However, the journey to great projects are typically riddled with many bumps, obstacles and controversy.  The fact is the Eiffel Tower project was no less immune to this reality.  From the time of its conception to act as the symbol (and as the archway entrance) to France’s World Fair in 1889 to its transformation as a critical communication tower during the First World War and its iconic design attracting millions of tourists a year, the Eiffel Tower has proven that the […]

iPhone technology proves it can take 40 years to become an overnight success

11 May 2012

In a world where innovation moves at the speed of light, most of us take for granted of the many great innovative NPD projects that have improved and changed the way we live.  The truth is many NPD projects sustain battle scars from years, and in many cases decades, proving their worth and/or acceptance for their intended audience. The reality is 90%-95% of great innovations initially fail.  In fact many great innovations were created by technologists and inventors who had no concept of market acceptance or the desire to fill the need of a particular audience.  Moreover, even in the […]

Inventing the Steamboat: Why people matter in NPD projects

30 April 2012

More often than one would expect, when we look at the original inventors of many of history’s great inventions they are marginalized in their association to their inventions.  Have you ever heard of Ferdinand Verbiest or Otto Lilienthal? Does Karl Benz and the Wright Brothers sound more familiar?  Although the first two people mentioned are the original inventors of the automobile and airplane respectively, the latter tend to be attributed to these inventions due to their ability to move beyond the inventions themselves and connect to the people who would popularize their use.