Proper Stakeholder Management – The Key to Preventing Employee Strikes

3 November 2014

“A Fair Day’s Wages for a Fair Day’s Work!” “A Fair Day’s Wages for a Fair Day’s Work!” One needs to only look at international news on any given day to realize that strikes are a worldwide phenomenon that can occur in almost any country. At the time these words were written, 14,000 home daycare workers across Quebec hold a 1-day strike to pressure government on wages and hours while over in British Columbia, an agreement is finally reached with IKEA after 17-month long strike by its workers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, strikes by both Train […]

The 2014 Sochi Olympic Project: The prize of gold had gone up!

14 February 2014

As we are in the thick of it following our favorite athletes grace the Olympic stage and podium at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, I’m always amazed at the enormity, sweat equity, planning and cost that result in the Winter Games capturing the world’s attention every four years.  From a project manager’s point of view each and every Olympic project has become an amazing case study in what works and fails in planning and managing large-scale projects, and nothing remains more true in this statement than with these current games in Sochi.

Project managers need to stop treating their plans like Turducken!

29 November 2013

When you think of  the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, it cannot exist without a turkey dinner cooked to perfection.  By no means a simple bird to cook.  The perfectly cooked turkey requires the careful care in its seasoning, basting and carving.   However a perfectly cooked turducken will take your culinary expertise to the next level! For those who are unfamiliar with a turducken dinner, it’s the ultimate bird dinner combination in which a duck is stuffed with a chicken, then the duck is stuffed in a turkey and then carefully cooked so that each unique poultry and its flavours together deliver […]

Although Bill Gates sees “Ctrl+Alt+Del” as a mistake, for many organizations it is a critical feature for the success of their projects

30 September 2013

Recently in the news, a Harvard University Interview with Bill Gates has piqued the attention of the technology world in which Gates admitted that the Ctrl+Alt+ Del command perhaps was a mistake in design.  He stated that although he suggested a single button to turn on or re-boot PCs, it was IBM’s designer who had required the 3 key combination. That being said, Ctrl+Alt+Del went on to be famous for helping fix the common “Blue screen of death” we’ve all encountered during the many PC crashes over the years.  More than the actual function Ctrl+Alt+Del performs, the command  has become […]

Letterman Top 10 Signs your are not ready to be a Project Manager

18 December 2012

To continue on the  tradition of last year’s top ten list focused on projects, I came up with a topic more focused on you – the project manager.  So the category is the top ten signs you are not ready to be a project manager.  Here we go…

Online shoppers can teach a thing or two to project managers

12 December 2012

As we continue full force into the shopping holiday season, online shopping has become a dominant force to be reckoned with.  Recently, I read an article that offered 7 tips to safe online shopping.  The bottom line – online shopping has moved beyond the PC and now is being conducted over multiple mobile devices.  Consequently, these different platforms raise multiple safety concerns around eCommerce and the sharing of sensitive information.  With that being said, these new methods of shopping provide the benefit of convenience and increase of revenue for retailers, at the same time raising the possible danger of opening […]

Project Porsche 911: Where the rubber meets the road

19 November 2012
Porsche 911 Genius Red

Although the Porsche 911 will celebrate its 50th anniversary in a few months, it definitely doesn’t look its age!  It is an absolute classic among sports cars and its timeless design never goes out of style.  In the world of Project Management, the Porsche 911 is certainly a flagship project.  According to German magazine “MotorKlassik” only 10 prototypes were built prior to its release in September 1963.  This fact alone, is almost unbelievable, compared to today’s mass-production manufacturers who can burn through 100s of prototypes before a product launch.

Managing Bottlenecks. Good Project Management is a lot like avoiding traffic

12 October 2012

Living in one of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas, Montreal is infamous for its traffic jams caused by never ending construction and growing population.  In a recent report it confirmed that the typical Montrealer that has a 30 minute commute loses 92 hours a year to traffic. The reality of this loss is astronomical impacting businesses, the environment and in some cases health issues that result from increased stressed levels and the broadened carbon footprint.  Although strategies to mitigate traffic issues  exist, similar to the project management world, it only takes one unexpected change of event to occur and you will […]

41% of Projects Still Fail: Good project managers always plan for failure

15 June 2012

Recently, Kickstarter an internet platform developed to assist entrepreneurs fund their projects by recruiting investors online, has confirmed the reality that after 17 years since the first Chaos Report was published, the knowledge of failure has done little to change the grim statistics associated with project success.  According to a recent article, 41% of projects on Kickstarter fail.  So if projects are likely to fail, why bother planning for success in the first place?  Seasoned project leaders understand that project planning is more than developing a detailed Gantt Chart with accurate timelines and reasonable workloads.  Good project planning is as […]

Project Team Unity: The power in numbers must not be underestimated

30 May 2012

I recently read an article that a group of Kansas farmers grouped their efforts in negotiating remarkable lease pricing and terms of their many acres of land to Oil giants for potential drilling.  Interestingly enough, a group of 100+ farmers were able to drive the lease price up of their land by pooling their resources together and standing strong resulting in incredible returns in their agreement with their tough negotiators.  It’s not atypical for big corporations to use their financial clout and size to bully the “common person” for their own financial gains.  However, history has repeated itself more than […]