Project Team Unity: The power in numbers must not be underestimated

30 May 2012

I recently read an article that a group of Kansas farmers grouped their efforts in negotiating remarkable lease pricing and terms of their many acres of land to Oil giants for potential drilling.  Interestingly enough, a group of 100+ farmers were able to drive the lease price up of their land by pooling their resources together and standing strong resulting in incredible returns in their agreement with their tough negotiators.  It’s not atypical for big corporations to use their financial clout and size to bully the “common person” for their own financial gains.  However, history has repeated itself more than  

iPhone technology proves it can take 40 years to become an overnight success

11 May 2012

In a world where innovation moves at the speed of light, most of us take for granted of the many great innovative NPD projects that have improved and changed the way we live.  The truth is many NPD projects sustain battle scars from years, and in many cases decades, proving their worth and/or acceptance for their intended audience. The reality is 90%-95% of great innovations initially fail.  In fact many great innovations were created by technologists and inventors who had no concept of market acceptance or the desire to fill the need of a particular audience.  Moreover, even in the  

Inventing the Steamboat: Why people matter in NPD projects

30 April 2012

More often than one would expect, when we look at the original inventors of many of history’s great inventions they are marginalized in their association to their inventions.  Have you ever heard of Ferdinand Verbiest or Otto Lilienthal? Does Karl Benz and the Wright Brothers sound more familiar?  Although the first two people mentioned are the original inventors of the automobile and airplane respectively, the latter tend to be attributed to these inventions due to their ability to move beyond the inventions themselves and connect to the people who would popularize their use.

Working 9 to 5. What a way to manage projects!

17 April 2012

Recently, Sheryl Sandberg Facebook’s COO publicly admitted to working a 9 to 5 schedule which for many is blasphemous in Technology circles. Although in the past she was reluctant to reveal her work schedule, in her recent announcement she attributes her well-balanced work and life schedule to her present day success.  Even though she has incredible responsibility, it shows that and organized plan and schedule can go a very far way. In many ways, her ability to successfully execute on (one would imagine to be) an insurmountable amount of work in a 9 to 5 schedule is a true testament  

Are you ready to fight the Brain Drain? The Future of Project Management Depends on it

29 March 2012

In many ways the discipline of project management heavily focuses on best practices in improving and streamlining both soft and hard factors impacting a project’s outcome.  Whether it is the implementation of Earned Value Management (EVM) techniques or it’s adhering to Prince2 or the PMBOK, project management practitioners are constantly seeking for better ways to get it right.  Although these methodologies and techniques are helpful in developing a strategy for success, nothing can replace the acquired experience of a seasoned project manager who understands the nuances of the projects he or she serves that can turn at a moment’s notice.   

Genius Inside Summit Reveals that Social Media in PPM is not Child’s Play

15 March 2012

Recently I was speaking with my six year old son about his friends and what they do for fun, when he brought up that a group of his buddies have the Nintendo 3DS. Still stuck in the age of Atari I was amazed when he told me that with this newer console you can play video games in 3-D (no glasses required) and that his friends (as he said) enter some code on to their devices to accept each other as “Friends” and communicate via “Texting.”  Is it possible!?!  Social networking starts in first grade!?!  Apparently it does.

Today’s project management leadership needs to adapt to the changing workforce

27 February 2012

In light of the Facebook’s recent IPO filing that confirms the maturation and societal changing reality of social networks, it is evident to me that we have crossed the chasm in which the way the current generation interacts with each other on both a personal and professional level.
Whether it is via Smart phones or a Tablet PCs, “virtual” interactions have become an integral part of sharing and delivering messages among different groups of people with similar interests.  Facebook and its 875,000,000 members is a testament of how the world’s diverse communities has evolved into a global network all connected through  

Monitoring project costs. A penny saved is a penny earned. Or is it?

15 February 2012

I recently read an article where it described the U.S. Mint’s challenge in producing pennies and nickels at a cost more than their actual value.  In 2011 it cost the US Mint 2.4 Cents to produce a penny and 11.2 cents for every nickel produced.  I guess the old adage “A penny saved is a penny earned” does not apply to the US Mint.  Ironically, every penny has put the Mint 1.4 pennies in the hole.

Lotusphere 2012 Highlights: Socializing Lotus Notes and Domino Means Better Accessibility in the Cloud and on Mobile Devices

27 January 2012

It has been a week since Lotusphere 2012.  This year’s event was quite exciting in that it a lot of the ideas and concepts that were discussed in 2011 were put into action offering up new capabilities to the Lotus Notes community delivering on the promise of a more social platform.  One of the primary messages of the event is that social media has transformed our business landscape by fundamentally changing the way people interact in a business context.  We truly live in an era where information workers are no longer chained to their desks and are more mobile and  

Lotus Fever is in the Air! Lotusphere 2012 reminds us what it means to be social

13 January 2012

For all the Lotus Notes groupies, every year when the big Lotusphere event comes around it seems like the whole world stops for the week, and everyone’s attention is aimed at learning about the next big announcement and reveal of the annual celebrity mystery guest that will set the tone of the Lotus Notes community for the upcoming year.