Porsche 911 Genius Red

Project Porsche 911: Where the rubber meets the road

19 November 2012

Although the Porsche 911 will celebrate its 50th anniversary in a few months, it definitely doesn’t look its age!  It is an absolute classic among sports cars and its timeless design never goes out of style.  In the world of Project Management, the Porsche 911 is certainly a flagship project.  According to German magazine “MotorKlassik” only 10 prototypes were built prior to its release in September 1963.  This fact alone, is almost unbelievable, compared to today’s mass-production manufacturers who can burn through 100s of prototypes before a product launch.

Top 10 tips for effective Resource Management whether jumping from space or not

19 October 2012

In light of the recent historical space jump from 128,000 feet performed by Austrian dare devil Felix Baumgartner, a feat that lasted approximately 8 minutes, we can’t forget a team of scientists, engineers and aviation experts contributed to the success of this new world record. In the digital age where the historic jump captured the attention of the world, we should not to forget that it took millions of dollars in product development, planning and expertise to successfully accomplish and promote the space jump.  Felix Baumgartner’s success was facilitated by an entire project team that carefully planned the mission every  

Managing Bottlenecks. Good Project Management is a lot like avoiding traffic

12 October 2012

Living in one of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas, Montreal is infamous for its traffic jams caused by never ending construction and growing population.  In a recent report it confirmed that the typical Montrealer that has a 30 minute commute loses 92 hours a year to traffic. The reality of this loss is astronomical impacting businesses, the environment and in some cases health issues that result from increased stressed levels and the broadened carbon footprint.  Although strategies to mitigate traffic issues  exist, similar to the project management world, it only takes one unexpected change of event to occur and you will  

As the world moves to the Cloud, Lotus Notes differentiates itself with project collaboration capabilities with more options

31 August 2012

Many people do not realize that the purely cloud-based social media tools that have become part of today’s social fabric can trace its origins 20 years back when the first commercial Groupware applications entered the market introducing a new way for remote users to communicate and create their own collaboration networks.  In fact, it is no secret that one of the major pioneers of this first wave of tools was Lotus Notes that was developed as a leading-edge collaboration platform that encouraged the exchange of business information among a network of stakeholders.  Obviously, in those early years the connectivity to  

The Eiffel Tower Project: With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

30 July 2012

Many would agree that the Eiffel Tower can be labelled one of the greatest architectural achievements of all time.  However, the journey to great projects are typically riddled with many bumps, obstacles and controversy.  The fact is the Eiffel Tower project was no less immune to this reality.  From the time of its conception to act as the symbol (and as the archway entrance) to France’s World Fair in 1889 to its transformation as a critical communication tower during the First World War and its iconic design attracting millions of tourists a year, the Eiffel Tower has proven that the  

Apple Sheds its ‘Granny Smith’ Image: Green Project Management Needs to make Business Sense

13 July 2012

This week Apple was in the news over its controversy for dropping out of the environmental certification program for electronics, called EPEAT.  Apparently due to “design issues” around its laptop, Apple bowed out of the program that certifies products for sustainability and environmental standards.  For most businesses, “Being Green” is clearly a business decision.  Not to be too cynical, the fact is whether it’s Apple or Ford, corporations tend to be as ‘Green’ as it can produce them Greenbacks. That being said, the project management world has an excellent opportunity to leverage its expertise in reducing waste in time, money and  

Project Manager Olympian Wins Gold Medal Due to People Skills

29 June 2012

As we approach closer to the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted in London, I think about all the attributes these amazing athletes have developed to be the best in their category of sport.  The level of determination, work ethic and raw talent, with a bit of luck and timing will mean the difference between a Gold Medallist Olympian and those that are knocked out of the top spots.  Although not all Olympians are medal winners, all of them have a common attribute that has led them there in the first place.  They all have that extra “something” that cannot be taught  

41% of Projects Still Fail: Good project managers always plan for failure

15 June 2012

Recently, Kickstarter an internet platform developed to assist entrepreneurs fund their projects by recruiting investors online, has confirmed the reality that after 17 years since the first Chaos Report was published, the knowledge of failure has done little to change the grim statistics associated with project success.  According to a recent article, 41% of projects on Kickstarter fail.  So if projects are likely to fail, why bother planning for success in the first place?  Seasoned project leaders understand that project planning is more than developing a detailed Gantt Chart with accurate timelines and reasonable workloads.  Good project planning is as  

Project Team Unity: The power in numbers must not be underestimated

30 May 2012

I recently read an article that a group of Kansas farmers grouped their efforts in negotiating remarkable lease pricing and terms of their many acres of land to Oil giants for potential drilling.  Interestingly enough, a group of 100+ farmers were able to drive the lease price up of their land by pooling their resources together and standing strong resulting in incredible returns in their agreement with their tough negotiators.  It’s not atypical for big corporations to use their financial clout and size to bully the “common person” for their own financial gains.  However, history has repeated itself more than  

iPhone technology proves it can take 40 years to become an overnight success

11 May 2012

In a world where innovation moves at the speed of light, most of us take for granted of the many great innovative NPD projects that have improved and changed the way we live.  The truth is many NPD projects sustain battle scars from years, and in many cases decades, proving their worth and/or acceptance for their intended audience. The reality is 90%-95% of great innovations initially fail.  In fact many great innovations were created by technologists and inventors who had no concept of market acceptance or the desire to fill the need of a particular audience.  Moreover, even in the