Good Project Managers “Don’t play the odds, they play the man.”

7 January 2014

I recently got hooked on to the TV show “Suits.” Set at a tier-one Manhattan law firm Pearson Hardman, the series centers around Harvey Specter (the firms  “Closer”) and his prodigy associate Mike Ross (the College drop out with a photographic memory) power brokering under the leadership of Jessica Pearson.  The show not only draws you into the high pressure lifestyle of well-dressed attorneys, but provides an interesting glimpse into the genius minds of professionals that deliver superior results by demonstrating the importance of effectively leveraging stakeholders to win cases and improve their position in the firm they serve.  The […]

Top 10 Project Management Predictions for 2014

23 December 2013

With the closing of 2013, we have noticed the increase in project-centric organizations focus in their efforts to improve their leadership, teams, processes and technology to improve their project management practices. In light of this reality, please find below our top 10 predictions that will surely shakeup the project management world in 2014: 1. Increased focus on collaboration – As the access of information anywhere becomes the standard, organizations in 2014 will seek better collaboration tools to deliver competitive results their markets and  customers demand.

Project managers need to stop treating their plans like Turducken!

29 November 2013

When you think of  the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, it cannot exist without a turkey dinner cooked to perfection.  By no means a simple bird to cook.  The perfectly cooked turkey requires the careful care in its seasoning, basting and carving.   However a perfectly cooked turducken will take your culinary expertise to the next level! For those who are unfamiliar with a turducken dinner, it’s the ultimate bird dinner combination in which a duck is stuffed with a chicken, then the duck is stuffed in a turkey and then carefully cooked so that each unique poultry and its flavours together deliver […]

New Orleans, host city to PMI Congress 2013, can teach you a trick or two in the value unified goals can bring to successful projects

18 November 2013

This year’s Project Management Institute (PMI) Congress was hosted in the “Big Easy” combining highly informative sessions and thought leadership in project management along with the party atmosphere the City of New Orleans is famous for.  As it was my first trip to New Orleans it quickly became apparent to me that the city’s economy is highly dependent on tourism with Mardi Gras at the center of it all.

Although Bill Gates sees “Ctrl+Alt+Del” as a mistake, for many organizations it is a critical feature for the success of their projects

30 September 2013

Recently in the news, a Harvard University Interview with Bill Gates has piqued the attention of the technology world in which Gates admitted that the Ctrl+Alt+ Del command perhaps was a mistake in design.  He stated that although he suggested a single button to turn on or re-boot PCs, it was IBM’s designer who had required the 3 key combination. That being said, Ctrl+Alt+Del went on to be famous for helping fix the common “Blue screen of death” we’ve all encountered during the many PC crashes over the years.  More than the actual function Ctrl+Alt+Del performs, the command  has become […]

Discount Fighter Jets – the “Walmartization” of Government Projects

17 September 2013

In a world where bargain discounts and factory outlets have captured the attention of today’s budget conscious consumer,  it’s not surprising that based on today’s global economy, governments (and to be more specific – the US government) are also looking for ways to cut costs.  As a result, believe it or not, there is company who is in the process of developing a fighter jet that would save the Pentagon $1 Billion in fuel alone annually on low tactical missions that are costing them $25,000 in fuel for every F-16 Jet led into these missions.  Textron AirLand was formed to […]

Beating the “Cat in the Hat” project syndrome. How to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 back in their box

30 August 2013

It is not uncommon for project managers to experience their project’s trajectory to suddenly shift from being on the right track to getting turned on its head.  The manner in which project managers handle negative change sets the good leaders apart from those that crack under pressure.  Most project managers can master the techniques that help plan schedules, load resources and track costs.  Where many fall is in the area of managing change and the ability to effectively communicate and reset expectations to help move a derailed project back on track.  Succeeding in this respect requires real-life experience and natural […]

Do you want to hop on the Hyperloop? A trip with the Jetsons may not be as quick as Musk suggests

16 August 2013

Famous technologist and billionaire Elon Musk (co-founder of PayPal) has recently promoted his idea of changing the landscape of travel with his futuristic Hyperloop concept that suggests that for the fraction of the cost ($6 Billion) than the current railway project in California his solution will deliver commuters to their destinations in half the time of commercial flights.  The idea is to build a “Jetsons-like” tubular route in which passengers of six would be launched every 30 seconds in enclosed aluminium pods travelling supersonic speeds to their destination. Although it all sounds a bit unreal, most of the technology he […]

How Google’s project will take collaboration to new heights with a lot of hot air

26 July 2013

When it comes to project management you can never have too much collaboration.  Especially in today’s business climate where it is not uncommon for project teams to be dispersed around the globe.  In some cases, in which project teams are challenged by environmental factors and remote locations (e.g. mining or oil drilling projects) connecting has always been an issue and a pricey proposition by leveraging expensive satellite technology.  That being said, Google recently revealed its “Project Loon” in collaboration with Raven Industries known for being the leader in space  balloon technology recently popularized by the famous space jump by Austrian dare […]

A $20 cardboard bike? What “Crowdfunding” can teach project managers

5 July 2013

With both Indiegogo and Kickstarter websites attracting start-up projects around the world, the ability to leverage the ‘micro-investments’ of thousands around the world has not only empowered many business ventures regardless of location or connections, but has also delivered valuable consumer insight and market research that has been typically too expensive and difficult to achieve with the limited funds most start-ups have.  The concept of crowdfunding has leveled the playing field allowing the value of projects speak for themselves and efficiently engage markets to be true accelerators for growth.  Beyond the obvious financial benefits to crowdfunding, the idea of attracting […]