What is workflow and how does Genius Project manage it?

12 February 2016

Genius Project recognizes that teams across different departments, within one organization, can have their own specific workflow and that organizations require the liberty of customization. But if you’re asking yourself, “what are workflows?” They are repeatable patterns in a business environment, which simplify the processes that makeup materials, finished goods, services and information. Each step in the workflow has a specific step before and after it, but the structure of that workflow can take various forms. Sounds simple enough? Well to simplify it further, flowcharts and process maps are super handy tools for visualizing any given workflow. Where flowcharts use symbols to identify steps […]

How To Get Your Team To Follow The Process

5 February 2016

  This is a guest post by Elizabeth Harrin from GirlsGuideToPM.com. Where I work we have a saying: Respect The Process. We all get along just fine if we do that: processes are there for a reason. The reason is not to make your life harder, even if sometimes it feels like that. However, as a project manager it’s often difficult to get all your team on board with processes that are new for them. We need them to work within our project management environment, but they are looking at a huge change to the way in which they work […]

Managing Your Project Pipeline vs Your Resources

1 February 2016
project pipeline

Winning a new project is exciting for any business. But it usually doesn’t take very long for the feeling or triumph to be taken over by the realization that more work means a greater challenge for resource management and the evaluation of how realistic it is to complete this project on time – if at all. The assessment is a delicate balance of how you will reshuffle your pool of resources to accommodate this new endeavor, which could possibly delay, cancel or compromise some of your ongoing projects. Questions to be asked include: Should your company hire additional consultants or […]

8 Project Management Trends for 2016

28 December 2015

The end of the year often creates a feeling of nostalgia mixed in with anticipation. We reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and think up new plans for the year ahead. As we gear up for 2016, we examine 8 trends for the project management space. 1. Increasing agility It comes as no surprise that we’ll be seeing even more of a focus on agile project management. It’s cost effective and quick iterative nature appeals to both management and the newer workforce. Agile management increases efficiency, mitigates risk and decreases the time to market for new product development […]

4 Communication Tips for Project and Team Management

21 December 2015

It’s no secret that communication is one of the key ingredients (if not, the most significant ingredient) to the effective management of projects and team members. How and what is communicated will make the difference between a motivated team with a clear vision and a disjointed team, with lacklustre motivation. Communication has the power to effect change, inspire and motivate. A good leader knows that in order to guide their teams and projects to success they have to make the end result crystal clear. The vision needs to be communicated clearly and creatively, so much so, that the team should […]

Complex Problems Require Powerful Solutions: Google & Nasa’s D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer

14 December 2015

What happens when Google and NASA join forces? As you may know, Google and NASA came together to purchase a quantum computer back in 2013. And have recently made some pretty big claims about their D-Wave 2X quantum computer’s ability to solve complex optimization problems in seconds rather than years, or as otherwise stated, ‘100 million times faster than a conventional computer’. According to Hartmut Nevem, the Director of Engineering at Google, “what a D-Wave machine does in a second would take a conventional computer with a single core 10,000 years to perform a similar task.” But what is a […]

6 Traits of an Effective Project Manager

30 November 2015

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Project Manager, and more specifically, what it takes be an effective one? Of course a PM needs the proper training and certifications, but there are undeniable traits that a PM needs to possess (or acquire) to successfully manage people and projects, from start to completion. Here’s my list list of the top 6 traits of an awesome PM. Vision Every great project manager has absolutely one thing in common: the ability to see the greater picture and to see the source of all problems (and success) by cutting through the smoke. They […]

5 Linkedin and Twitter Accounts all PMs Should Follow

23 November 2015
Linkedin and Twitter for PMs

The internet is jam packed with a whole lot of information for Project Managers (and beyond), making things both easy and difficult. As you know, all the information and resources you could ever wish for are right at your fingertips, but there’s also just as much irrelevant content to filter through. This list aims to provide you with strong resources for your social PM needs by sharing with you our top 5 Linkedin groups to join and top 5 twitter accounts to follow. Starting with Linkedin: 1. PMI Project, Program and Portfolio Management: You can’t talk Project Management without mentioning […]

How PM Software Supports Status Updates

9 November 2015

One of the main requirements that we often hear from PM software buyers is that they’re looking for a way to stay up to date on the status of multiple projects. They want to have clear visibility into their projects and tasks across various departments and they want to be able to compare project statuses vs deadlines, budgets and available resources. Ultimately, by knowing what’s going on with their projects they believe they can better manage them – and they’re right. And anyone who’s familiar with PM software knows that the most efficient and effective way of doing so, comes […]

6 Reasons Email is Not a Project Management Tool

26 October 2015

It’s no mystery why people can’t seem to get away from using their inboxes as their personal project & task management tool; and why companies still attempt to collaborate via long over-drawn email chains. Email is well ingrained into our personal and work lives, and many of our “to-dos” arrive in the form of email – it’s a popular (and effective) way of communicating. But that’s where the line should be drawn – at communication. Using a more sophisticated task management tool can save you a lot of time sifting through your inbox, leaving a lot more time to get […]